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Coach Em Up, Khaks

Notre Dame 24, Michigan 17.

September 04, 2018 - 10:30 am

Notre Dame 24, Michigan 17. And Michigan Men, if you're still wondering "who's got it better than us?" you can add Notre Dame to the list, too. 

Because stop me if you've heard this one before: Jim Harbaugh lost another big game with Michigan.  He's 1-and-5 against Ohio State and Michigan State. And now he's 0-and-1 against Notre Dame. There was no bigger stage in college football than the one in South Bend on Saturday night. And there was no bigger no-show. And did I say, the would-be savior is now 1-6 against his biggest rivals?

Look, I'm not going to bury these guys after one week. Notre Dame looked good. Hell, they might be really good. But you can give Notre Dame some freaking credit and still wonder what the hell was going on with Michigan. Because after an offseason where just about everybody was hyping Michigan and expecting big things from the Wolverines, they went out and got fed to the freaking wood-chipper. 

That brand new offense looked just as terrible as the old one. That alleged world-class defense gave up touchdowns on its first two drives. The five-star transfer q.b. played just like the dudes Harbs ran out of town. And the coach who was supposed to be a difference maker and savior, just got turned inside out by Brian Kelly. 

Look Michigan Man, if you’re being real, I’m not saying anything that you don’t already know. They didn't pay this guy all sorts of crazy jack to wear cardboard khakis and smash Rutgers. They brought him to Ann Arbor to bring back the glory days, not the Rich Rod days. 

But that's where we are. Your man is 9-and-9 over his last 18. He's lost 4 straight --  the first time that's happened in Ann Arbor in almost a decade. Even more damning, he's 0-and-6 as an underdog. You get paid to win games you shouldn't. That's happened exactly ZERO TIMES since Harbaugh came to town. 

I mean, I could’ve come out here today and smashed this dude. But I don’t have to, because former Michigan All-American Braylon Edwards did it for me.

The current Big Ten Network football analyst is now the indefinitely suspended Big Ten Network football analyst because of the absolute lava he was spewing from his Twitter account about this one.

Check the following deleted tweets: 

Ruiz is weak, line is weak, Shea is scared, bleeping Michigan offense is so predictable... Michigan football is sadly one thing..... TRASH. 

Come on Michigan really (?) Running backs running routes and QBs will be good? I'm done. 

‘LOL Everybody had your back. I gotta laugh because I knew this would happen. Don't feel bad, watch the truth.’ 

Again, you don't need me piling on. Now when you've got Braylon dropping lines like this: "Michigan football is sadly one thing.... TRASH." 

That's the kind of fire you can't put back in the cannon. And even after he was suspended, it wasn't like Braylon was walking it back. Here's what he told the Detroit News: 

“Was the original tweet a little excessive? I admit I was excessive and emotional and inebriated. Mix those together. But the focus of my tweets remains intact. I stand by that...

“I’m a man. We make mistakes. I’m sorry. I should not have gone that way. I still agree with the overall message... But I apologize – I shouldn’t name individual players. They’re still kids. That’s what I apologize for."

What do I always say? Don’t tweet angry and don’t drunk. And Braylon did both those things. Then again, watching Harbaugh and Michigan no-show in another big game is going to make any fan pissed. And want to get drunk. And that’s what Edwards was.  And did. And apologized for it. Well… apologized by hammering college kids. But notice the guy didn’t come off his general message. That Michigan football is TRASH.

So that's where we are, Michigan Men. Four quarters into the season and one of your all-time greats is getting ripped off  the Big Ten Network. And after he's had some time to sober up and think about it, he's only sorry for naming names, not for what he said. 

I know. I know: It's a long season. Well… it's gonna be a really long season if Harbaugh doesn’t get right quickly. Because it doesn't get any easier from here. Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State are still waiting. And after getting exposed in South Bend, there is no margin for error. It's time to actually win a big one, Harbs. Or get ready to get run the hell outta town. Put up or shut up. Because you’re not delivering. Coach em up, Jimmy. Because contrary to what you think, it’s not just the media coming for you, it’s your own Michigan family. And not just the fans, but former all Americans.  Coach em up, Khaks.