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The Colorado Rockies Are Zombies

A lot can change in a week.

September 28, 2018 - 11:52 am

A lot can change in a week. Just ask the Dodgers. A week ago the Dodgers force-fed the Rockies a busted up floor brush and put a strangle hold on the NL West. A week ago the Dodgers had a two and a half game lead en route to their sixth straight division title. A week ago the Dodgers had cases of Dommy P on ice. 

But that was a week ago. 

Today the Dodgers find themselves in a spot that was unimaginable seven days ago. Because today they’re looking up at that same squad that they thought they buried. But if you’re gonna put someone in a hole—you best make sure they’re cold and dead. And the Rockies were neither.

One thing to dig yourself out of the grave—entirely another to start putting other bodies in them. And that’s exactly what the Rox have done. Because Buddy Black hit this club with the paddles. And ever since slamming it in reverse out of Dodger Stadium—the Rox have ripped off seven straight to jump LA in the West.

And it’s not just that the Rockies are winning. They’re freaking murdering. 52 runs in their last seven games. And now the Nats—who are playing for nothing—have to roll through Coors Field with the buzzsaw turned up to 11. 

And while the Rockies are at home this final weekend with a 1 game lead in the West—the Dodgers have to pack it up and head to the Bay to play the Giants. And there’s not a team in the history of the world more hell-bent on wrecking the Dodgers season than the Giants. Normally you’d look at a 73-win squad and like your chances. But this rivalry doesn’t give one hell about the records. This is about pure, unadulterated hate. And this weekend might as well be the World Series for Frisco. Because there’s gonna be a parade down Lombard Street if the Giants toe-tag the Dodgers.

But—but—if you are caught up on the tale of the tape—and records do matter to you—it’s still not good for the Blue. Because this year they’re 7-9 against the hated ones. Not exactly reassuring when you probably need a sweep to win the division.

The stakes couldn’t be higher this weekend. Because winning your division has never been more valuable and important. Win the division and you punch you ticket to a five game series. Win the Wild Card and you’re in a do-or-die situation for your playoff life. And you best believe the Dodgers would rather wait for the winner of the Wild Card game—then go play one themselves.

All the credit in the world to the Rockies for going the one that is supposedly impossible in sport. Come back from the dead and throw the switch.  Because that’s exactly what they did.  . A week ago they looked gassed and broken down at the stretch. Now they control their own destiny with the inside the track over a team that had a boot on their throat. 

The script has been flipped. The Rocks get the crappy Nats who have nothing to play for.  The dodgers get the even crappier giants who have EVERYTHING to play for. And you know they’re going to show up like the 27 yanks, looking to punk the dodgers and make their season by wrecking L.A.’s.  But while the script has been flipped it hasn’t been written yet.  And while this is both an enormous Dave Roberts and Bud Black house, I don’t root…just know, however, I’ll get brooking for the Rockies, Dodgers and Cards to be tied on wins meaning they’re tied for the division and the second wild card.  And then all hell breaks loose.  And you know even though I don’t root, I’m rooting for that.  Utter chaos. 

Who you got?  How do you think it’s going to go?  Are the rocks going to finish this.  Are the battery chuckers by the bay going to ruin the Dodgers. Again. Hit me up right now.