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Conor's Whiskey Apology

Well, there’s a first for everything.

November 16, 2018 - 2:17 pm

Well, there’s a first for everything. Do this thing long enough and you’ll see and hear things you never could have imagined? 

Like this…

For the first time (probably) ever—Conor McGregor is issuing an apology. Look, I don’t have every transcript from this dude’s life in front of me—but I can’t remember a time when this guy has ever expressed remorse for anything. At least not on record.

Bravado and swag are the part of the brand. And the brand sells. And the brand doesn’t just sell inside the cage—it sells off the shelves. Remember that bottle of moonshine Conor was dragging around from presser to presser before the Khabib fight? 

Proper 12. Conor’s own blend of Irish Whiskey. That hooch was promoted so well by such a good salesman that it sold six months’ worth of product in 10 days. And I know dudes who were looking for a bottle the night of the Khabib fight and kept running into liquor stores that had already sold out of it.

And if you think Khabib grounding and pounding and rearranging Conor’s face was gonna slow down the river of whiskey sales—then you don’t know this guy’s marketing power. Because it doesn’t matter that Conor tapped —his fans have continued to tap his distillery. And now Proper 12 is in a worldwide shortage—or completely sold out in certain countries. 

Which has led Conor to issue this statement yesterday: “I don’t usually see reason to apologize, but in this case I want to take this chance to apologize to absolutely everyone for our out-of-stock situation.”

This freaking guy—apologizing for having too successful of a product but not before noting that he usually doesn’t ever see reason to apologize. Only Conor Mac. He also went on to say that they’ve upped production and will have hundreds of thousands of bottles ready to go in the U.S. and in Ireland in time for the holidays.

I’m not here to hype the product or give it a free commercial. But I am here to hype Conor for the hustle. Because you can’t knock how brilliant of a move this was. The most charismatic Irishman—putting his name on a bottle of Irish whiskey—and slapping a 30 dollar price tag on it. It’s brilliant. Alcohol is always going to sell. Always. It’s freaking alcohol. People love it. People want it. And people go into their wallets every day for it.

This isn’t Tom Brady hawking Uggs.

Or Jimmy Johnson awkwardly shilling for male enhancement pills.

It’s not Prime working a garage sale with hot dog cookers.

And it sure as hell it’s Tony Siragusa dealing out adult diapers for men who can't control themselves.

Conor slapped his handle on a bottle of booze—promoted the hell out of it at his peak celebrity—and now the demand has rapidly outpaced the supply. 

And the only thing people want more than liquor—is something they can’t have. And Conor’s got ‘em both. And he literally figured out how to bottle it and sell it.

This guy can't lose. Because even when Khabib went meat-tenderizer on his grill--it happened on a canvas sponsored by--you guessed it--Proper 12. 

Win, lose, or draw: The people want what this guy is selling. And he's here to take your money. One of bottle at a time.