Cowboys Firing Red And Hiring McCarthy

How Bout Them Cowboys?

Jim Rome
January 06, 2020 - 10:21 am
Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy

USA Today


Here’s something I’ve got to say coming out of that weekend: HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!

How about them Dallas Cowboys! The team that missed the playoffs and spent all of last week making sure they were the number one topic, instead of the playoffs, with their bizarre handling, err, ahhh, “abundance of care and respect” for Jason Garrett.

The only thing that would top that abundance of care and respect that managed to overshadow the playoffs would be if they announced a coaching decision during the weekend of the playoffs. 

But there’s no way that Jerry Jones would do that. No way would that he piss off the league by violating the unwritten rule about distracting from the games themselves. No way he would announce a move between games on Saturday night or Sunday.

You’re right, he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t announce a coaching decision between games on Saturday night or Sunday. 

He’ll do it during a game. And not just any game, but one played by the Philadelphia Eagles. The team that knocked his team out of the playoffs. The division rival that has been more successful lately and has actually won a Super Bowl in this century. 

You’re damn right he did. And it was a statement that read in part: 

"We are extremely grateful to Jason Garrett for his more than 20 years of service to the Dallas Cowboys as a player, assistant coach and head coach. His level of commitment, character and dedication to this organization has been outstanding at every stage of his career. ... His tenure of leadership will be characterized by his ability to produce teams that always played with great effort, emotion and passion, and he represented our organization with great pride, loyalty and respect."

What’s the best part of all of this? The idea that they let Garrett dangle for a week out of an abundance of care and respect for him, or that they showed the abundance of care and respect by reportedly interviewing multiple candidates for his job while he still had his job, or that they announced the decision to move on from him right in the middle of a playoff game being played by their rivals.

All of the above.  

I said it earlier and I’ll say it again: HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

That is so great. You know that they knew they were moving on from him the moment they weren’t going to the playoffs. When they weren’t going to the playoffs, he wasn’t coming back as head coach. But they made him come back and stick around and then started to do a search for his job while he still held the job. 

And then, when they had an entire week to make an announcement, they decide to make an announcement right in the middle of an Eagles playoff game. That is so petty, so salty, so Jerry.  

So then the question immediately became: who is the guy? Who will be the next Cowboy head coach? Is it Matt Rhule? Urban Meyer? Lincoln Riley? With the Saints losing do they kick the tires on Sean Payton again, and see if they can finally convince him to come back to Big D.

Cowboys’ fans had to be peaking. After years of being mired in mediocrity, who is going to be the guy to take the Cowboys to the next level? Who is going to be the guy to unleash all that alleged Super Bowl talent that Jerruh claims he compiled. On both sides of the ball.   

I mean…How great would it be to see Urb wearing the star? Or Payton back in town? Cowboys fans were getting all worked up and then came a tweet from Jay Glazer this morning that read in part: The Dallas Cowboys have agreed to terms with Mike McCarthy to be their new head coach. Announcement and press conference expected later this week  

Mike McCarthy? I’m not going to say that deserves a full Price is Right fail horn, but it doesn’t feel like the most inspired hire ever, does it? Not when there was all that buzz about getting an elite coach from college and now you’re getting a guy who was canned midway through the year in Green Bay after going 4-7-1. And going 7-9 the year before that.

A guy who was last in the news for screaming at high school basketball refs at his stepson’s game. After all the hype and all the buzz, that’s the guy? Is that going to get Cowboys fans fired up and excited?

Don’t get me wrong. I get why you’d be wary of going with a college coach with no NFL head coaching experience. And I get why you wouldn’t want to give up a ton of assets to get Sean Payton.

And I know that McCarthy did go to the playoffs eight straight years, which the Cowboys sure haven’t done in a while. And he does have a Super Bowl ring. But he also had Aaron Rodgers. And honestly, having Aaron Rodgers and only one Super Bowl might be more of a criticism than a celebration. 

In other words, it's not a hiring that you're immediately partying about. You have to try to think it through and convince yourself. Because while it's not a total disaster, but not exactly a home run. 

What they’re getting is a guy who has a lot of experience as an NFL head coach, who comes from an offensive background, and there’s a decent chance that unlike Meyer or Payton or another elite name, he isn’t going to demand to call all the shots. In other words, he’ll play ball with Jerry.  

And that is key, because apparently this is the guy Jerry wanted. Adam Schefter tweeted: “New Cowboys’ HC Mike McCarthy stayed over Jerry Jones’ house on Saturday night, per source. “Once you stay at Jerry’s house, he doesn’t lose his guy,” said source.”

Uh, okay. So not only was Jerry interviewing two candidates for Jason Garrett’s job while Jason Garrett still had his job, Jerry and Mike were having a sleepover while Jason Garrett still had his job.

Man, it’s weird. Not just Jerruh weird, but next level Jerruh weird. And supremely awkward. Let Jason Garrett publicly twist for a week and make him look like a fool, while having a sleepover with his replacement, and announce Garrett’s replacement barely half a day after announcing his firing. 

And if you’re the league office, after Jerry ripped the thunder of the playoff game during the game, the only thing that could make it worse now would be if he stole the attention from the entire weekend with a report about hiring a new coach. And then he did just that. The league would’ve loved a day or two talking about those four games and now it’s all about the Cowboys. 

Jerry is absolutely killing the game. Literally. He is killing the coverage and buzz about playoff games by making it about him and his coaching search. And even worse, killing the buzz about his coaching search with that announcement. I mean, now that they have a coach, what the hell are we supposed to do or talk about.  As always, thanks Jerruh.  Thanks for nothing.