Cowboys Sign Aldon Smith

He hasn’t been reinstated to the NFL yet, but he has apparently signed a deal with Dallas.

Jim Rome
April 03, 2020 - 10:07 am
Aldon Smith

USA Today


Aldon Smith is back in the news. And that’s something. Because for the last few years, any time Aldon Smith has been in the news, it’s been bad news.

But this time it’s something different. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows?

According to reports, Aldon Smith is going to be Cowboy. I’m not saying that the guy who hasn’t played since 2015 is going to be on the CBS Sports Network and go all PBR with it. I’m not talking about dude roping calves and barrel racing. I’m saying he’s going to be a Dallas Cowboy. A member of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

He hasn’t been reinstated to the NFL yet, but he has apparently signed a deal with Dallas that will make him a Cowboy if or when he IS reinstated.

Just so we’re clear: the Cowboys still don’t have an agreement to pay Dak Prescott, but they’re going to sign Aldon Smith.

They haven’t agreed to a deal with the face of the franchise, the guy around whom everything is built, but they did find time to make a deal with a guy who hasn’t played a down since 2015

And I know that teams can walk and chew gum at the same time. Just because they’re still working on a deal with Dak doesn’t mean they can’t sign anyone else, but the optics are absurd.

AND The optics are… that you don’t want to give Dak what he’s earned, but you’re hustling to sign a guy who hasn’t played since 2015 and isn’t even eligible at the moment.

Do you know how long ago 2015 was? Dak Prescott was still at Mississippi State the last time Aldon Smith was playing in the NFL.

And I get that Smith has potential. OR HAD IT. He showed a ton of it with the 49ers when he had 47.5 sacks in 59 games. He has crazy talent.

I ALSO KNOW HE  has dealt with serious, serious issues off the field. But apparently that’s not a problem for Jerrah. Apparently that’s totally cool.

They will spin it like this is a guy who’s done the hard work on himself, and he’s gotten healthy. I hope that’s the case. Not from a football standpoint, but just from a life standpoint. I really do hope that Aldon Smith has done the hard work and if he has, great. .

I’m just not sure that I’d be rushing to sign him to a contract. But the Cowboys are. And it smacks of desperation. 

It goes without saying that there are certain guys who can’t get gigs in the NFL, even though they’ve never committed a crime, and then there are guys who will get another chance, despite a ridiculous track record.

I mean, do you remember some of this stuff?

There was the time just about two years ago when he was arrested after what the San Francisco Chronicle reported was a blood alcohol level of .40.

Point. Four. Zero. That is more than five times the legal limit in California. Or to put it another way, as Dr. Keith Humphreys, an addiction expert and professor in Stanford's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, told The Chronicle: "That amount of alcohol is the equivalent of the anesthesia for major surgery. A normal-type person would be blacked out unconscious and at risk of a coma."  What an amazing quote: this dude was anesthesia drunk: like so blasted, you could have performed open surgery on the cat. 

Humphreys also said that by being able to "walk around at 0.40, he has to be exceptionally alcohol-dependent already. ... Anyone at that level has a serious alcohol problem."

And the worst part about that story is that the authorities didn’t find him, he found them.

He was reportedly tested when he arrived at the sheriff’s department to be fitted for an alcohol ankle monitor. And he blew a point four zero. Dude showed up at the sheriff’s department to report for alcohol related discipline, absolutely blasted!!!!

And that was his third arrest in the last month at that time.

In November 2015, Aldon Smith was suspended by the NFL for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Then A few months later, in one of my favorite sports stories ever, he was on Periscope with a video titled “Fire Up Session.”

If you don’t remember the video, let me just say that the “Fire Up Session” wasn’t about him giving a motivational speech. It included quotes like:

“I don’t give a bleep. Ain’t nobody bleeping with us. We’ve got zero followers. Where is the ashtray at? This is what you call a fire up session” 

The woman he was with in the video is actually trying to protect him. She tries to stop him and asks him again, “You ain’t using it no more, right?” But Smith will not be denied. “I’m using it.” And then “You’re stupid. You’re tripping. Bleep, they don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put “Aldon Smith” 

And the video cut out at that point. Absolute genius. Have to love a guy saying, “They don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put Aldon Smith.” That is awesome. This dude is the absolute best. He needs to keep HIS name out HIS MOUTH.

And that's before we get into the allegations of domestic violence, false imprisonment, assault, hit and run, DUI, and vandalism. 

I am all in favor of people getting second and third and four chances in life. But man, this is one hell of a look for the Cowboys. 

You’d think that having multiple arrests, a point four zero BAC when you’re being fitted for an alcohol monitor, and a fire up session on camera might be enough to keep out of the NFL for the rest of your life. You’d think that might make you unemployable.

But apparently it makes you a Dallas Cowboy.