Dabo Swinney

Clemson head coach talks 2020 season, Trevor Lawrence and more.

Jim Rome
November 19, 2019 - 8:56 am

Info & Stats:  Clemson Head Coach

All Topics: 2020 Season | 2020 season opener compared to other’s of years past | Our kids were so excited to play | 37-13 win over Wake Forest | Trevor Lawrence’s growth | Trevor’s leadership progression | Mental health | Religion being his savior | Doubt on whether or not they’d play football this season  

Sept 16th 2020


Nov 19th 2019

All Topics: 52-3 win over Wake Forest on Senior Day | Trevor Lawrence’s season | Lawrence playing through the system again | Championship time right now | Breaking the season down | The disrespect they get from the Playoff committee | Committee is focused on who they play, not who they are |


Sept 5th 2019

All Topics: 2019 opening season win vs. Georgia Tech was encouraging | Texas A&M Saturday | Playing A&M last season | A&M made them better last year | Our back end on defense is better than last season | Trevor Lawrence as a sophomore is night and day from last year at this time | Today’s athletes | The days of 3 channels and staring at the wall | Goods and bads of technology | Erik Spoelstra | Having conversations with other coaches



Jan 3rd 2019

All Topics: Clemson vs. Bama IV | His team is very focused for Alabama | Big win over Notre Dame in the semi-final | Losing Dexter Lawrence for the semi-final | Guys stepping up in place of Dexter Lawrence | Trevor Lawrence | Decision to start Trevor over Kelly Bryant | Trevor earned his job | Difficult to tell Kelly he had lost the starting job | Hunter Renfrow’s final game | Alabama | Tua Tagovailoa is a hard thing to stop  


Aug 23th 2018

All Topics: 2018 Season | Having a veteran team in 2018 | Team goals | Christian Wilkins | Christian has a huge personality | Christian’s talent | Tough off-season for college football | Ethics | Having an opportunity to catch a ball from Brett Favre | Meeting Favre | Brett can still sling it | Brett’s message to his kids |