Gordon Hayward

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Daddy’s Always Happy

That's code for Daddy's not that happy.

July 10, 2018 - 10:15 am

Gordon Hayward just got done with the worst year of his professional career. Literally 5 minutes into the season opener, five minutes into the first year of a four-year, 128 million dollar deal, Hayward obliterated his ankle. Dude had his foot helicoptered. 

It was awful. It was one of the scariest injuries you'll ever see. And while it looks like Hayward will be back on the court and ready for the start of next season, it's a visual that's going to haunt Hayward for a long, long time. 

But not as long as THIS VIDEO WILL. 

Let me lay this out for you: Gordon and his wife Robyn are expecting Baby #3 in January. And because this is 2018 and social media is social media, Robyn posted the gender reveal video of she and Gordon revealing the gender of their new addition to their two daughters on social. 

And it went a little something like this: 

That's a less than enthusiastic WOOAH, IT'S A GIRL there Gordo.

Look, I’ve been a dad for a long time and Daddy's always happy is code for Daddy's not that happy. Daddy's not even close to being happy. And you know who else isn't going to be happy? Child number 3, when she scrolls the internet sometime in 2028 and stumbles upon this video. 

Plain cardboard box. Balloons that didn't even have helium. Dad sounding less than enthused when he shouted "WOOOAH, IT'S A GIRL!" The only thing less subtle would've been Gordon punting one of those pink balloons off the cliff in the back and screaming, "damn, I really wanted a boy!" 

I've said it a million times. The internet is in ink. That means every tweet. Every gram post. And every gender reveal video. You might as well buy the pony now to make up for it.