Dak Prescott's Injury

Seeing it once was enough.

Jim Rome
October 12, 2020 - 11:01 am
Dak Prescott

USA Today


You don’t have to look too hard to find the single worst moment of the NFL weekend. It was the worst moment of the season: and given the nature of it and who it happened to, it was one of the worst moments of any season: It was yesterday in Dallas and it involved Dak Prescott.

And no, I’m not going to play video of it now. If you haven’t seen it, you’re lucky. Keep it that way. Because it’s right up there with some of the worst injuries in sports – like Alex Smith, Kevin Ware, and Joe Theismann.

Seeing it once was enough. Actually, seeing it once was too much.

I know what it looked like, I don’t need to see it again. It was disgusting. It initially looked like Dak’s shoe was hanging off, like maybe it had just slipped off in the tackle. But that’s not what happened.

And then there was the way he was holding his leg and massaging is calf, like maybe he’d cramped up. But that’s not what happened either.

What actually did happen is a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle. In other words, his shoe wasn’t hanging off his foot, his foot was hanging off his body. The worst part of the whole thing might be the image of Dak, most likely in shock, trying to feel his calf and figure out what the hell happened to his leg.

And then there’s the image of him being on the cart and the tears coming, as one Cowboy after another came over to show their love and pay their respects. And then the respect and love coming from the Giants sideline as well.

Saying something sucks Is not a take, but I’m going to be saying the word sucks a lot right now. The injury sucks. It truly sucks.

I don’t care if you’re a Cowboys fan or a Dak fan or not, that injury sucks. He was playing some great football and to see him go down like that sucks. 

Seeing any player go down like that is awful, but you can also see the love that his teammates have for him with how they responded. And then with how everyone around the league jumped on twitter.

Carson Wentz: Worst part of the game. Definitely praying for Dak

Melvin Gordon: Dang Dak I’m hurt for you man .... Goodness dawg

Troy Aikman: Devastated for Dak - one of the truly great people in the NFL

Chris Long Tweet: Dammit. Dak is a great dude. I hate this for anyone but he’s been through a lot.

He has been through a lot. An absolute ton, just in the past year alone. And before that as well. And now to have to endure this, sucks. 

And now he’s looking at a long rehab process. It’s not an impossible rehab process and most likely, it won’t be as bad as Alex Smith’s because Smith had to deal with a life-threatening infection and 17 surgeries. But it’s not going to be easy.

He underwent surgery last night, which sure seemed really fast. But now the reality sinks in and the hard work begins. I’m no doctor and I don’t know what to predict in terms of when he could come back and what he’ll look like when he does, but my sense of Dak is that nobody is going to hit that rehab process harder than him. If it’s possible to come back at the same level or an even better level, he’ll do it.

That’s the kind of person and the kind of leader that he is. This is a guy who has never missed a game and hasn’t gotten nearly the respect he deserves. Maybe some of you will appreciate him when you don’t have him. Because you should.

You know what else sucks – the franchise tag sucks. The fact that the Cowboys hadn’t already taken care of him with the contract he deserves, sucks.


That is the truth. You better take care of him, Stephen and Jerry, if he can’t play again and you better take care of him if he can play again, Stephen and Jerry. You jerked him around for too long with the contract and now this is a situation where everything sucks.

And now a moment for two of the worst takes regarding that injury: the one about his contract and about the Cowboys future. If your reaction to that injury was that Dak should’ve taken the contract that the Cowboys offered him before the season, I suggest you take a long, hard look in the mirror.

If your reaction to seeing a guy with his foot on backwards is to immediately make it about money and to second-guess how he handled his contract situation, get a life. Seriously. And see about finding a soul as well. 

And if your reaction coming out of that injury is that now the Cowboys can really see what Andy Dalton can do, you can keep on moving. Of all the things that suck, that take might suck the worst.

Yes, I guess it’s good that they have a good backup with starting experience and it’s good that they play in a crappy division. And their season isn’t over. And there may even be  a scenario where they find a different offensive identity with Dalton and maybe get their act together on defense and play some decent football.

But let me be perfectly clear: there is no silver lining to this injury. No silver at all. It just flat out sucks.