Dan Wetzel

Yahoo Sports columnist talks with Jim.

Jim Rome
October 30, 2020 - 10:36 am
Dan Wetzel

Dan Wetzel


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All Topics: News of Trevor Lawrence testing positive for COVID-19 | Lawrence’s health | Lawrence may miss next week’s game vs. Notre Dame | Thinks Lawrence will somehow play vs. Notre Dame | Nebraska and Wisconsin being cancelled over COVID | The Big 10 and Nebraska just doesn’t get along | Lane Kiffin back in the SEC

Oct 30th 2020

Apr 10th 2020

All Topics: Deep dive on Ryan Lochte at the 2016 Rio Olympics Scandal | Rio as the host City | Ryan Lochte’s made up robbery story | Rio Police quickly pushed back on Lochte’s story | Lochte’s statement on Twitter | Lochte saying he had a gun pointed to his head and he was challenging the shooter back | The State Department told the swimmers to stop talking and leave the country, but Lochte decides to do a sit-down with Billy Bush | Brazilian police were just livid with Lochte | Lochte still competing now |


Nov 4th 2019

All Topics: UFC 244 Masvidal vs. Diaz | The rise of Jorge Masvidal | The doctor stopping Masvidal vs. Diaz after 3 rounds because of a cut | Jorge vs. Nate 2 maybe? | Jorge on Conor McGregor | Jorge is so much bigger than Conor | Conor’s next fight | Boxing not starting Canelo vs. Kovalev bout until UFC 244 was done | President Trump showing up at UFC 244 | Florida State firing Willie Taggart before his 2nd season even ended | Clay Helton’s future at USC | Urban Meyer’s future


Sept 26th 2019

All Topics: Article on Wendell Brown | Explains who Wendell Brown is | Brown being arrested in China | The unfair treatment Brown has received in China | LiAngelo Ball and the UCLA players being arrested in China | Brown finally coming home yesterday to Detroit | Chinese prison | Kansas receiving a notice of allegations from the NCAA | Kansas has problems | Michigan football | Nebraska


Mar 13th 2019

All Topics: The strange stories he’s covered over the years | College Bribery Scandal | Rich people sneaking their kids into college by pretending the kids were athletes | Details of the story | The walk on kids in this story, are kids who didn’t even participate in the sports | The amount of money these people paid to get their kids into these schools is crazy | William Singer | Singer’s role in the scandal | Singer knowing a person who could switch SAT answers in a second | Felicity Huffman’s case | Singer got Huffman’s daughters SAT’s to improve | Yale soccer coach getting a $500,000 bribe | USC Athletic Department | Lori Loughlin’s daughter on the crew team | Fake pictures | Who looks worse in this scandal? | Cleveland trading for Odell Beckham Jr. is great for the city