Chuck LIddell, Oscar De La Hoya, and Tito Ortiz

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Dana Goes Off On Oscar

Liddell really did not belong in a fight and it was painful to watch.

November 28, 2018 - 9:16 am

Dana White has a lot on his plate. UFC Fight Night on Friday night in Vegas. UFC Fight Night on Saturday night in Australia. UFC 231 next Saturday in Toronto. And of course, UFC 232 on December 29th in Las Vegas, which marks the return of Jon Jones. Suffice it to say, Dana White is a busy man.

But not so busy that he can’t take a run at his old friend Oscar De La Hoya. Sorry, did I say friend? I meant punching bag. And did I say Oscar De La Hoya? I mean “Oscar De La Weirdo” as Dana calls him.

Dana was on UFC Unfiltered and he went off on the aftermath of the Tito Ortiz-Chuck Liddell fight that took place on Saturday night. 

If you didn’t see it, Ortiz knocked out Liddell in the final minute of the first round and it was ugly. Really really ugly. Ugly to the point of sad. To the point where anyone watching was thinking, why is Chuck Liddell fighting and why isn’t anyone stopping him from fighting. 

And Dana was one of them: "Listen, I love Chuck Liddell and I don't ever want to badmouth Chuck Liddell or even let people think I'm remotely badmouthing Chuck Liddell. But the reality is, first of all, I heard last week the cokehead, 'Oscar De La Weirdo,' is talking bleep that I don't have any place to tell guys when to retire. It's called friendship.”

That’s a “cokehead” blast and an Oscar De La Weirdo in quick succession. That’s one hell of a one-two combo. 

But White wasn’t finished. 

"It's friendship, you bleeping cokehead. I've been friends with Chuck Liddell for 20 years and the reality is Chuck Liddell retired when he should have retired eight or nine years ago."

And there’s more. He had some for Tito Ortiz, which isn’t surprising given their relationship. And he had another nickname for Oscar, too.

“Tito and Oscar De La Dummy were made for each other. Those two bleeping nutheads. De La Hoya’s a moron. An absolute moron. And I don’t know how Chuck allowed himself to be talked into this stupid bleep.”

Now we’ve got an Oscar De La Dummy, a moron, a bleeping cokehead and a bleeping nuthead. And that is bleeping incredible. 

Again, this is the president of a major professional sport, taking a run at another major figure and dropping f-bombs and cokehead shots. 

Can you imagine Roger Goodell calling Gary Bettman a bleeping cokehead? What if MLB commissioner Rob Manfred just started dropping f-bombs in his interviews about pace of play or mound visits? That would be amazing. And yet Dana does it on a regular basis. And it’s still incredible.

And he wasn’t stopping at just Oscar De La Weirdo, I mean, De La Hoya. He had some thoughts for the California State Athletic Commission as well: "Chuck Liddell is almost 50 years old and has no business fighting anymore. The fact the state of California let that fight happen is disgusting. It's disgusting. Chuck Liddell has an incredible legacy. He's a huge superstar. Anybody who claims to be a friend of Chuck Liddell and was anywhere near [that fight] is full of bleep. They're not a friend of Chuck Liddell. To let him go in and fight this fight is terrible."

He’s right. It was bad. It was terrible. Liddell really did not belong in a fight and it was painful to watch. 

And while Oscar De La Hoya saw the weekend’s fight as the start of Golden Boy Promotions moving into MMA, Dana hoped it was the start of something else. 

“I hope somebody talks De La Hoya into fighting again. I hope the state of California makes the fight, and I hope he gets bleeping knocked out just like Chuck Liddell in the first round. Bleeping cokehead nutball.”

I have nothing to add to this. There is nothing that can be added to that. There’s your walk-off shot. The phrase “mic drop” has been overused to the point of uselessness. But “bleeping cokehead nutball” is the ultimate mic drop.