Darius Leonard

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Darius Leonard

The Indy linebacker talks about his historic rookie season.

December 12, 2018 - 12:31 pm

Info & Stats: Indianapolis Colts Linebacker

All Topics: Off-season after a successful rookie season | Laying the foundation for the future organization success | Toughness and physical play | Goals | Chip on his shoulder | Playing baseball as a kid | Youth camp | His childhood days | Small town life in Lake View, South Carolina | No lakes in Lake View just a pond

July 11th 2019


Dec 12th 2018

All Topics: Rookie season | Leading the NFL in tackles | Beating Houston 24-21 | Sacking Deshaun Watson | Having 7 sacks as a WLB | Early season adversity didn’t shake this group | Doing things rookies are not supposed to do | Transition to the NFL | South Carolina State | College ball |