Daryl Morey

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Daryl Morey Is The Best

Morey isn’t sitting around.

May 30, 2019 - 10:48 am

Woj reports: Rockets GM Daryl Morey has made his entire roster and future draft picks available in trade talks. Because of course he has. He’s Daryl Morey. Many of you don’t like Daryl, but I love him and his style. Remember when NO ONE wanted any part of challenging this Golden State conglomerate after KD joined them, Daryl ante’d the hell up and wanted to slay that dragon. While everyone was going rebuild, Morey and his Rockets took the challenge from Day 1. He’s one of the most competitive people in the world who works in professional sports. And I’m here to tell you, no one wants to win as badly as Morey. It’s impressive as hell.

Because giving the Warriors hell isn’t enough. They did that last year, pushing them to 7 games. And as you remember, the rap was, we were better. We should have won. And we would have won if Chris Paul didn’t get hurt. Right, and if my aunt had a pair, she’d be my uncle. And the other problem with that thinking is, they did have Chris Paul this year. And the Warriors didn’t have Kevin Durant. And they still didn’t get it done. Which is why Morey isn’t sitting around again and now looking to take a wrecking ball to it. And he should. Because it didn’t work.

Question is, what can you really get for Chris Paul, he’s 34, and on the decline. He’s getting older, not better, and his numbers across the board are getting worse. But no number is worse than paying the six-foot point guard 124 million dollars over the next 3 seasons. That’s a not a positive number on Daryl’s analytics spread sheet any longer. Did he sign him to that contract? Yes, but he knows it didn’t work and is ready to move on. Oh, and as good as Paul was, he’s not the easiest guy to be around, or to run with. 

Woj reports, the Harden-Paul dynamic wasn’t without its challenges this season for the Rockets. Beard isn’t going anywhere, but you have to think Paul will. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if he ends up with the Lakers, as a consolation prize after the Lakers whiff on K.D, Kyrie, and Klay Thompson. No free agent worth a damn, who has options is coming anywhere near that Laker clown show. So they’ll end up doing what they always do when they can’t convince the best free agents to come. Overpay for someone past their prime, who LeBron’s likes. And that has fellow banana boater, Chris Paul written all over it. As for the Rockets; that was their last best shot to get it done, and they failed. Which is why Morey is going to drop a bomb on it again. Can’t knock that dude’s hustle. No one wants it worse, and no one is will to take a bigger swing. And I can’t wait to see what dude has up his sleeve this time. But I can wait to see old man Paul running old man LeBron. And how long before old man Dwanyay, and that ball jack Melo join them.  

Love Daryl Morey and I love the idea of blowing things up again. That’s what he does. That’s who is he. And I love it.