David Shaw

The Stanford head coach talks 2019 Season, Andrew Luck, and more.

Jim Rome
September 05, 2019 - 10:32 am

Info & Stats:  Stanford Head Coach

All Topics: 2019 opening season win vs. Georgia Tech was encouraging | Texas A&M Saturday | Playing A&M last season | A&M made them better last year | Our back end on defense is better than last season | Trevor Lawrence as a sophomore is night and day from last year at this time | Today’s athletes | The days of 3 channels and staring at the wall | Goods and bads of technology | Erik Spoelstra | Having conversations with other coaches

Sept 5th 2019

Sept 20th 2018

All Topics: Stanford Standard | Run game | Balance of offense | Bryce Love | Defenses trying to focus on their run game | JJ Arcega-Whiteside | Love’s speed and explosiveness makes him different | Bryce passing up on the NFL | K.J. Costello’s play at quarterback | Team defense | His linebacking crew right now is as good as any in the country | Oregon on Saturday | Justin Herbert | Herbert’s talent | His 8 years as head coach at Stanford | His job duties | Excitement for Stanford football