DC vs. Stipe 3

This needs to happen.

Jim Rome
September 24, 2019 - 11:42 am
Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic

USA Today


lade. The Mighty Ducks. Terminator. Die Hard. Bourne. And freaking Austin Powers.

The best trilogies ever. And just save the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars crap for a nerd who cares. And don’t come in here with the Godfather either because the third one damn near nuked the cred of the first two.

But if you’re looking to add to that list that I just ran down of great trilogies—go ahead and add this:

Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier 3.

Because Daniel Cormier—is back!

All the credit to friend of the show and current golden ticket holder Ariel Helwani for getting the scoop on his ESPN show yesterday.

And I think I speak for Dana White, UFC fans, fight fans, and sports fans everywhere when I say: Hell. Yes.

This is huge news. No one knew—not even DC—what DC was gonna do when he sat on the canvas after getting knocked out in a rematch fight he was winning against Stipe last month. Going into the fight—retirement was definitely on the table. He said exactly that to me—right here in the Jungle—just a few days before putting his heavyweight strap on the line. So last month could have been the last time we saw one of the greatest to ever do it. And his brilliant career would have and could have ended with a bleep ton of regret. Don’t get it twisted—I’m not taking anything away from Stipe. Dude is a badass. And he won that fight. But DC admitted to ignoring his coaches and falling in love with standing in front of Stipe and turning his face into hamburger meat. DC is world class wrestler who tends to fall in love with striking, something he can do at high level. And he had that plan working flawlessly in round 1. So much so that it looked like it was going to be a short night. So maybe he thought to himself—this is it. I’ve got this dude. I beat him before and I’m beating him again. And it’s easy. And if this is my last fight—let me get some shots in before I get my belt on and retire as the baddest dude on the planet.

That plan went to hell and Stipe adjusted and worked DC’s body and then went upstairs to finish it. Absolutely shocking. DC called it the lowest IQ fight he’s ever fought.

So—again—taking nothing away from Stipe—but Cormier and everyone who knows him thinks he beat himself as much as Stipe did. Credit to Stipe for taking advantage but there’s no denying that DC didn’t fight his best fight. So instead of walking away knowing he could have won in August—he wants to run it back. ASAP. Because if he could have won in August, he sure as hell thinks he can win December. What’s gonna change in four months? It's not four years. Its four months. 

Who knows if he gets the 245 date in Vegas on December 14th —but he did say he’s ready for it. And right now there’s a headliner vacancy on that card.

DC has nothing to prove. I’ve said that a million times. And I’ll say it again: He has nothing to prove. If he walked off right now, he’s a Hall-of-Famer and a top-5 pound-for-pound MMA’er all-time.  And probably the best human being to step into the cage.

But there’s clearly a lot left in the tank and he’s wants to empty it instead of carrying it around his entire life wondering what if.

So what you have now are two guys who believe they can win because they’ve beat each other before. And you have a trilogy fight to settle the score once and for all with the heavyweight strap on the line... One. Last. Time.

We’ll get more into it once they decide on a date—but all of a sudden we all have an amazing fight to look forward to. And by the sounds of it—it’s gonna happen a lot sooner than later. That’s the beauty of Dana White and his company, and where boxing has come up short time and time again: Dana is able to put the sport’s best fights together: the fights, fans want: and there isn’t anyone, anywhere into this sport that doesn’t want to run this one back one more time.

The best part about this is I can guarantee we will see a motivated Daniel Cormier. Again, not taking anything away from Stipe, but after DC ICED him the first time out I got the feeling his head was in other places on other fights, IE Brock Lesnar or Jon Jones.

Now, Stipe will get the best version of DC, winner gets the strap, and title of Greatest Heavyweight Of All Time.