Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar Arrest Warrants

Two NFL cornerbacks being accused of armed robbery is crazy, and yet that’s not even the craziest part.

Jim Rome
May 15, 2020 - 9:48 am
Deandre Baker

USA Today


When it comes to the NFL, they always say that one of the most important offseasons in your career is the one between your first and second year. You’re no longer a rookie, you have a year under your belt and know how everything works. You know what it takes to compete at the highest level, you understand the expectations and what it takes to meet them. So how do you spend that first offseason? Every player in that position asks himself that question. And it’s a critical question. One of the important of all. How do you spend that first offseason??

Well, if you’re New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker, you commit armed robbery in Florida. Allegedly.

Miramar Police issued arrest warrants for Baker on four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar is wanted on four counts of armed robbery with a firearm as well.

So instead of linking up with vets to train, Baker linked up with a vet to commit armed robbery. Allegedly.

Two current NFL cornerbacks being accused of armed robbery is crazy, and yet that’s not even the craziest part. It gets so much crazier. SO MUCH BETTER. Starting with the fact that Baker was a first round pick last year. He was the Giants first round pick in April 2019 and he’s allegedly committing armed robbery in May 2020. Talk about a fun fact.   That already is one of my favorite stats of all time. From first round pick to a guy picked up for armed robbery (allegedly) it just over a year!  That’s not easy to do, but apparently Deandre Baker has pulled off the impossible. GOAT! 

I MEAN…This isn’t some guy who bombed out of the league, fell on hard times, and then resurfaced a few years later on the police blotter. This is a guy who was playing against the Eagles less than five months ago and allegedly robbing dudes less than three days ago.

He’s a first round pick. And not just a first round pick, but a guy the Giants gave up three picks to trade up to get!! As always, Incredible work by Dave Gettleman.

And as you would expect, the details of the arrest warrant are an all-time read. 

Baker and Dunbar were at a party in Miramar on Wednesday night. The party began around 8pm and according to the arrest warrant “numerous individuals were in attendance.”

First off, I’ve got some concerns about the physical distancing issues at a party where “numerous individuals were in attendance,” but that’s another matter.

The host of the party stated under oath that he was outside cooking food when he heard a commotion inside. According to the warrant, when the host looked inside “he observed Deandre Lamar Baker with a gun in his hand. Baker was pointing it at one of the attendees of the party.”

Well, that certainly escalated quickly.  My man is probably flipping a few burgers on the grill thinking, I’m just killing the party game.  As usual.  Only to see an NFL’er inside bowing up like he’s going to kill someone if he doesn’t get their valuables!  Because….. The host alleges that “Baker was directing two other individuals to take money and valuables from other attendees.” The host says that Dunbar was one of the individuals assisting Baker in taking the money and valuables.

Baker told the third individual, who was wearing a red mask, to take 800 dollars and an 18,000 Rolex from the host. According to the host, Baker “directed the assailant in the red mask to shoot” another individual “who was just walking into the party.”

DUUUUDE. Can you imagine if Red Mask GUY actually followed the kill orders? Take money and a watch from that guy, and shoot that guy.  

Also, what are you thinking if you’re that individual walking into a party and the first thing you’re greeted by is someone telling another person to shoot you? You’re just rolling into a party on a Wednesday night, during the quarantine, looking to hang out, maybe blow off a little steam, you hear about this banging party, with a couple of NFL’ers, you’re one foot in the door and one of those NFL’ers is instructing some other dude to bust a cap in you. Allegedly.   

Fortunately for that late arriving guest, he was able to leave with his life. But not his cash and his ticker. He told police that Red Mask robbed him of seven thousand dollars in cash and a Hublot valued at 25 grand. That is one hell of a terrible party. Show up, get a glock pointed at you, and 32 grand worth of cash and watches stolen from you. This party sucks. Zero star review. Will not return.

And there’s more. Because another person who was interviewed for the arrest warrant had more details. This person said that at the party, people were playing cards, video games, and gambling. At one point, an argument ensued at the card table and Baker, along with another person identified as “Shy”,” flipped over the table, pulled out guns, and put them in someone’s face.

Nobody loves a good nickname more than me, and no one hates self-glossing more than me, and I don’t shy dropped that handled on himself or if someone else gave it to him, but I DO know this: there’s nothing about flipping over a table and putting a gun in someone’s face. My man is no introvert. Was his wingman, Timid rocking a machine gun?  Was there boy bashful going to roll a tank into the living room?

This witness was robbed of four thousand dollars in cash and an Audemars Piguet worth $17,500.  Not to flex on anyone or go back, but many of you know I’m a watch guy: and watch guy feels strongly about his opinion: it says here A.P. is the finest timepiece you can guy. Trust me, dude felt real good about walking into that party rocking that ticker, only to have it ripped off his wrist the second he got through the door. But an NFL’er and his crew. He also stated that he met Baker and Dunbar two days earlier at a different party where Baker and Dunbar lost roughly 70 grand. Now we’re getting somewhere.  Why would two NFL’ers come to a party packing heat, looking to rob people?  Allegedly? Maybe because they had lost 70 grrr of their own dough a couple of days earlier. 

A fourth witness was interviewed and said that Baker pointed a gun at him and demanded all his money. He gave Baker $600 in cash and a watch, a Richard Mille knock-off valued at $600.

How much did that freaking sting? Getting robbed of 600 bucks in cash is horrible and traumatizing, but how about having to tell the police that your watch was a knock-off?

Everyone else has Rollies, Hublots, and aps. And you’ve got a Richard Mille knock-off. Dude, at that point, just say it was a Casio. You know he didn’t want that going into the police report. You know he didn’t want that getting away. You know that was so much worse for his look and his pyschie than being held up. Having a gun to his head wasn’t traumatizing, but having everyone at that party find out his Mille was fake is something dude will never, ever get over. Just saying. Remember, I’m a watch guy. 

But let’s just recap what we have so far: the New York Giants first round pick from last year and a Seattle Seahawks cornerback are accused of allegedly going to a party and robbing the guests of more than 73,000 dollars in cash and watches. One of the best stories ever.  But how do you take one of the best stories ever and go next level with it.  Check this: The three individuals fled the scene in three separate getaway cars. And you’re thinking, what kind of cars were those, Rome? Unmarked, white vans?  Rental cars?  Cars that would just blend in?  Hardly. 

One was a BMW. One was a Benz. And the third was…wait for it…wait a little longer…a LAMBORGHINI.

A freaking getaway LAMBO.

Who are you, Thomas Crown? Is this real life or a Nic Cage movie?

Who shows up to a party, commits armed robbery, and then leaves in a LAMBO? Way to be inconspicuous.

And before you come in here and say that nobody shows up at a party in a Lambo preparing to rob it, you’re wrong. Because according to multiple witnesses, the cars were “pre-positioned outside the residence in a manner that would facilitate an expedited departure.”

They picked those three cars to be their getaway cars and parked them so they could make a quick getaway. Amazing.

This story is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. And it’s about to get even more ridiculous because I haven’t even gotten to Dunbar’s part of the story. That’s going to need a whole take of its own. I love everything about this story except for the fact that I wasn’t there. Damn, I want to go to a party where active NFL’ers can rob me and my friends at gun point. If any of you know of a rager like that going down, hit me up; shoot me the evite. I’m in. I’ll even put on one of my best tickers for it.