Delicia Cordon and LeSean McCoy

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Delicia Cordon’s 911 Call

That’s a tough listen.

July 13, 2018 - 10:18 am

While Richie Incognito wasted absolutely no time jumping on twitter to say that he knew the full story of the LeSean McCoy home invasion and that McCoy was “good to go,” the victim of the alleged attack apparently disagrees. 

Delicia Cordon’s 911 call has been released and it would appear that just after the attack, she was pretty clear who might have been involved. Now, before I play this, I want to say that it is a 911 call made shortly after an alleged home invasion. It might be distressing to hear, but it is important because of what Cordon says during the call. 

That’s a tough listen. But it’s noticeable that Cordon told the 911 dispatcher that the attack had “something to do with my ex-boyfriend.”

Here’s another quote: “He must have known the camera system. LeSean must have told him. There’s no camera in the front.”

That’s an interesting detail. Because it goes along the claim from Cordon’s lawyers that a new security system was put into the home in June and it included security cameras that Cordon could not access or view. An additional note from her attorneys pointed out that there were no signs of forced entry. 

Again, we don’t know if that’s a fact yet, just like we don’t know if the attacker was not caught on the security cameras. But the idea that the attacker allegedly entered the house without breaking in and left without being caught on camera would seem to indicate some level of knowledge of what he was doing. And would seem to eliminate the possibility that this was just random.  

Here’s another quote from her call: “He took my diamond bracelet off my wrist. He just kept asking for jewelry. I think this has something to do with my ex-boyfriend… My face is demolished right now.”

Hearing someone describe their face as “demolished right now” is pretty tough to hear. And the photo that popped up on Instagram that started this whole story was really hard to look at. Cordon said that she had been hit multiple times in the face with a firearm by the attacker. 

Again, we still do not know what did or did not happen that night. From the pieces of information right now, it would seem to indicate that McCoy might have had some involvement in this home invasion, especially if the attacker was looking for jewelry that McCoy had previously asked for, and if the attacker left the home in a way so that he wouldn’t be caught on camera.

But, again, we don’t know. Maybe it was completely random. A complete coincidence that some stranger managed to get incredibly lucky and find a way into the home with no signs of forced entry, according to Cordon’s attorneys, and just happened to ask for jewelry that McCoy had allegedly requested in the past and somehow managed to escape by a route that would mean that he wasn’t caught on camera. I mean, stranger things have happened, right? Maybe?

Or maybe it wasn’t McCoy and maybe it’s not luck. Maybe Cordon herself set this up. Maybe she really did have access to the security cameras the whole time and set up some sort of fake home invasion where she’d be assaulted to the point of needing to go to the hospital so that she could pin this all on McCoy. I guess that’s possible, too. Somehow. Maybe.  

LeSean McCoy has not said anything since his initial statement, but that hasn’t stopped Richie Incognito from tweeting and retweeting a bunch of pics and memes related to his support for McCoy. Again, I’m not doubting that Richard knows more than most, but unless he knows absolutely everything there is to know and knows that either it was a random attack or that Cordon herself set it up, then if I were Richard, I’d push away from Twitter for a moment.