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Derrick Freaking Henry

There are touchdown runs and then there is THAT touchdown run.

December 07, 2018 - 9:15 am

Normally I lead the show with the biggest story. I talk about it, throw to some highlights, and we get rolling. 

Today, I’m not going to say anything. I’m just going to play this

Derrick. Freaking. Henry.

There are touchdown runs and then there is THAT touchdown run. There aren’t even words for that. At some point, I should probably tell you the final score of that game, but it doesn't matter. 

I’ll be honest, there are a bunch of other topics I could talk about today and I have four interviews as well, it is a packed show, but I’d have absolutely no problem clearing the deck and just talking about that run for three hours.

Because a run like that doesn’t come along very often. Let’s break it down.

What’s the best part? Is it when there’s a little contact at the line of scrimmage and for a moment, it seemed like he’d be stopped for a 2-yard gain?

Or is it when he cuts out to the left and picks up the first down? That was a nice. Get the offense some breathing room; get it off your own goal line.  A Good start to the drive

But then it escalates and it escalates quickly. AJ Bouye, a Pro Bowl cornerback and by all accounts, a solid human being, comes up to make a stop. And regrets it immediately.

Henry hits him with a stiff-arm that lifts him off the ground and drives him five yards back. An All-Pro cornerback being treated like a that.  Get the hell off me, A.J.!  HAVE SOME! 

Oh, sure, there Henry got a piece of Bouye’s facemask…SO WHAT’S YOUR POINT?   But are you really looking for a flag there? I wasn’t. And I doubt Bouye was either. He was looking for the ground, because his feet were leaving it. 

And before you call that stiff-arm disrespectful, it wasn’t.   It was actually very respectful, because Henry placed him back down on the ground when he was through with him and even allowed him to remain standing. If Henry wanted that to be worse, it would’ve been. If he wanted to leave AJ Bouye in a hole around the 20-yard line, he could’ve.

And if that run stopped there, it would’ve been great. But it didn’t.

It got better. Because somehow, after chucking Bouye aside, Henry found another gear and picked up speed. 

Linebacker Leon Jacobs was next to make a huge mistake.  He also tried to tackle Henry.  Now, He’s a rookie from Wisconsin, so that tells us a couple of things: he’s smart, he has heart, and he is not going down without a fight. Unfortunately, Derrick Henry ragdolled him out of the way after about five yards of scuffling.

I admire Leon’s heart and grit for trying to take down that monster, but it just wasn’t happening. 

Then Myles Jack took his shot. And that went about as well as every other shot went – horribly. He was on the wrong end of another Henry stiff-arm. 

And then it was just Derrick Henry and the goal line. But there was still one more stiff-arm to be handed out.

Because after it was over, Darren Rovell tweeted: Please don't call that one of the best runs in NFL history. If you call it anything, call it one of the worst tackling jobs.

And the Titans team account responded with: SHUT UP, NERD!

In all caps. Now, THAT was the most vicious stiff-arm of the night. They just rolled up Rovell in a carpet and tossed him off a bridge. 

And if that was the only thing that Derrick Henry did last night, it would’ve been legendary. But it wasn’t. 

238 yards, 4 touchdowns, on 17 carries. That’s unreal. I’d say those are video game numbers, but they aren’t. If you did that against your friend, he would throw the controller and unplug the X-box before you got to 200 yards in the game. 

As Dion Lewis said: “They didn’t want to tackle him – they’re scared of him. They didn’t want nothing to do with him today. He was on fire. They didn’t want to tackle him, and he was running hard, aggressive, and physical. It was fun to be a part of history.”

It was truly an unreal performance. Don’t take it from me. Ask Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson Jr. He said: "I've never been a part of a guy running like that. I mean, it was like little league out there. Every time he touched the ball, he was scoring, it felt like. ... He could have run for 300 on us today, if we're being honest. If I was his coach, I would have let him break the (NFL) record."

Gipson is a proud guy. A guy who plays with serious physicality and has said on this show how much it bothered him when the Titans out-toughed the Jags in the past. And he’s admitting that they just had no answers for Henry. He’s saying there’s nothing they could’ve done to stop him and that he could’ve broken the NFL record. That’s the ultimate sign of respect from a very proud guy.  

And now there is one final topic to discuss. The inevitable comparisons to Marshawn Lynch. Let’s go back to back.

Derrick Henry

Marshawn Lynch

If ever there was a topic for a lame twitter poll, it’s this. Which run was better? I’d take your calls on and you could argue which was better. But that’s not how this is going to go. I’ll make it simple.

Derrick Henry’s run last night was awesome. But it was not Marshawn Lynch. I know Henry’s run was longer, but Lynch’s was more vicious, more violent, and more amazing. So as good as Henry’s run was, it’s not in the same class as Lynch’s. No run, has ever been in that class and I’m not sure it ever will be. 

That said, I never thought I’d ever see a run that could be compared to Marshawn’s, so just being nominated is an honor for Henry, but he’s not ripping that award out of Marshawn’s hands. However, just for old time’s sake, let’s run Henry one more time.