Deshaun Watson Informs New Coach Of Plans

Loyalty is everything. Don't you ever forget it?

Jim Rome
February 26, 2021 - 10:26 am
Deshaun Watson

USA Today


Somewhere, the Houston Texans have to be popping BOTTLES about the Russell Wilson story. Because if it weren’t for Russ and all the heat around him, the league would be focused squarely on the Houston Texans and the COMPLETE JOKE AND EMBARRASSMENT they’ve become.

Russell Wilson’s situation stealing the spotlight from Deshaun Watson’s situation is Houston’s biggest win since they got up 24-0 on Kansas City in the playoffs last year. And it says here that just like that game, Houston is going to choke this away and get absolutely humiliated.

Because that’s who they are and what they do.

Like when they told Watson he’d be involved in the hiring of a new head coach and general manager and he was ignored. And he reportedly found out that Nick Caserio was being hired through social media.

Look, that’s not just incompetent, that’s stupid and incompetent. And offensive. You tell your franchise quarterback that he’ll be involved in hiring a new GM and not only is he not involved in the process, but you don’t tell him when the process is over. He just finds out through social media.

That is downright moronic. So dumb and so Texans.

So of course it was no surprised that Watson finally demanded a trade a few weeks ago. And the question was: how will the Texans handle it? Will they admit that they’ve butchered this situation in every way possible and and make it right with the best player in franchise history? Well, if that was the plan, that didn’t work: because they didn’t consider Watson’s opinion when hiring their coach, David Culley, and when Culley finally got around to talking Watson, that apparently went horribly too. 

According to reports, Watson and Culley spoke last Friday and Watson told the head coach that he doesn’t want to play for the Texans ever again.

“Hi, great to meet you. Congrats on the new job. I’m never playing a single snap for you. Let me out of here.”

That’s so brass. Just roll into a meeting and tell the new head coach to his face that you don’t want to play for him or his team. That’s so great.

So how are the Texans handling Watson’s trade demand?

Here’s your answer: they’re sending it to voicemail. Literally.

According to Tom Pelissero: The Texans remain unwilling to discuss QB Deshaun Watson with other teams, some of whom have resorted to leaving voicemails with trade offers, per sources.

That is amazing. Just incredible. Teams having to resort to leaving voicemails with trade offers

Sidebar, regarding voicemail messages:

By the way, who leaves voicemails these days? Add that to the list of our list of universal reasons to go. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone violence. And you should exhaust every possible option before resorting to violence. Period. That said, there are few universal circumstances, where I think we’d all agree, are reasons to go, or reasons to give someone the hands. Someone spits in your face, that’s a reason to go. Some insults your race or religion, that’s a reason to go. Some threatens someone you love, that’s a reason to go. And if someone leaves you a voice, that damn well is a reason to go.   Maybe even the biggest reason on that list. No one leaves voicemails anymore. No one who has any respect for the fellow human being. It’s complete overkill. That’s just an unspoken rule of engagement now, really, of society overall. Texting is king. And even that is becoming a burden, which is why emoji’s were invented and why people now just drop a thumbs up or heart response now. So they can keep the communication and engagement as efficient as possible. Besides, a missed call alert tells you everything you need to know. You missed a call. No one needs to go into a voicemail box and listen to someone tell them they missed a call. Again, we want our communication streamlined, fast, efficient and as non-invasive as possible. And leaving a voicemail is the deadass opposite of all that.

That said, pick up the freaking phone, dopes. Then again, if you’re looking for the Texans to do the right thing, to do the smart thing, you’re begging. No, they’re just keep on pissing off Watson all offseason with their pettiness and stupidity to the point where he refuses to show up and this story gets even bigger and even worse. I’m trying to think of a worse run professional franchise, in any sport, right now, and I can’t.

They got lucky as hell when Watson fell to them in the draft and instead of devoting all their energy and resources to protecting him, building around him, and treating him like the potential hall of famer that he is, they’ve stripped him of weapons and protection and gone out of their way to alienate and ignore him.

They had a 24-0 lead in life and they turned it into a 51-31 loss.

Great work, fellas. Really great stuff.

So no, there is absolutely no reason to believe they can turn this around.

And so far, the Texans strategy, if there is one, doesn’t seem to be working. Yesterday, Watson tweeted: loyalty is everything. Don't you ever forget it?

Now maybe that’s just a future lyric, which it is. But it also seems to sum up how Watson is feeling right now. And the Texans have never been loyal to him or valued him in the way that he would like to be valued. And I doubt he’ll forget that.