Dez's Revenge Game

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Jim Rome
December 09, 2020 - 10:32 am
Dez Bryant

USA Today


Of course last night was supposed to be a REVENGE GAME for Dez Bryant. I’m not sure there’s anything more tired than the concept of REVENGE GAMES, but especially when it relates to an aging out wide receiver with four receptions in three games this season. This is not exactly Brett Favre returning to Lambeau as a Viking.

But last night was going to be the first time Dez Bryant played against the Dallas Cowboys. And then just before the game, he announced on twitter that he had COVID QUOTE:

Tell me why they pull me from warming up so I can go get tested... My bleep come back positive...  I tested positive for Covid WTF.

That’s right – he was going through warmups when he was pulled. According to the league, his PCR test yesterday morning was inconclusive, so they ran it again. That was also inconclusive.

They then administered a point-of-contact PCR test at the stadium and Bryant tested positive. He had already taken the field for warmups, even though according to ESPN, the inconclusive tests should’ve been treated as if they were positives and he should’ve been "subject to the other requirements and procedures of a positive test."

The league said the game could continue because the contact tracing revealed no high-risk close contacts. I’ll take the league’s word on that. We know that Bryant was photographed hugging players on the field and that feels kind of like close contact to me. But that’s a matter for another time.

Because in the meantime, Dez was tweeting through it. And let me preface the following by saying I get how badly Dez wanted to be out there. I get how important this was to him. So I get that he would be really emotional when he’s told he can’t play in the game.

But man, he has to react better to it than he did: because he had the weirdest reaction to a positive test by anyone since this whole thing started the first tweet after his announcement was:

The crazy thing is I have the same damn routine.... This bleep do not make sense to me.

Let me help you with that, Dez. We’re in a pandemic. You are playing on a team where guys were testing positive left and right for the past few weeks. Bleep happens.  And as I’ve said a million times. The virus doesn’t give a damn. Doesn’t give a damn who you are, how much money you have or don’t have. And it really doesn’t give a damn about quote your damn routine.  

And then he chased that with this:

Yea I’m going to go ahead and call it a quit for the rest of the season... I can’t deal with this

I know that he got into the sauce at some point last night, so I’m not sure if he was already there when he posted that, but holy crap, has anyone ever had a less impressive response to testing positive than Dez?

You work your ass off for years to get another shot at playing in the league again, then test positive for a virus during a pandemic and then quit? On the spot? How does that make sense?

You’re quitting after that?. We’re in a global pandemic and you’re acting like you got singled out? Like everyone is out to get you? 

You are not being singled out here by the league or the virus. Or the league and the virus. I hate to say this, man, but it is not about you. Actually I LOVE to say this: it’s not about you, Dez. 

I know last night was important to you. I get that. But do you get that 220 thousand people were diagnosed yesterday? Do you get that nearly 2600 people died from it yesterday? 286,000 people have died from Covid since it started and you’re complaining because you couldn’t play in a football game?

Get some perspective, my man. I know you had plans for last night. I know you wanted to be on the field last night. You know what? There are millions of other people around this country and around the world who had plans for last night or the last nine months and they’ve had those ruined in ways that are far worse than yours.

We’re talking about people going months without seeing family members, we’re talking about people dying in a hospital by themselves, with their final words said into a phone, because their loved ones are not able to visit.

And you’re bummed out that you couldn’t play in a football game.

If you tested positive yesterday, you should be focused on that. This is no joke. Lamar Jackson was on the field yesterday, but he said he still can’t taste or smell. He also said “I don’t wish that on anybody.”

But Dez wasn’t done tweeting. 

I’m about to drink some wine and cope....

That was his smartest tweet of the night. Pour some wine, drown your sorrows, and focus on getting healthy. But then he chased that with this:

Since I’m out, do you guys want to hear about my businesses I’ve been working on?

Honestly, not really. But it might be more interesting than the game. Then he followed that up with

I got covid everyone.

Yes, we know, Dez. You’ve been tweeting about it for the last hour.

At that point, it seemed like we’d entered the phase of the evening where he’d had a couple glasses and was repeating information we already knew.

Hey! Hey! I got covid everyone. Nobody knows this, but I tested positive for covid-19.

But he claimed he wasn’t sloshed yet.

I’m not drunk yet... I only had one glass of wine... I’m getting my business stuff together to share with you all lol

Awesome. Can’t wait. And then a few minutes later, he quit on his pledge to quit. Someone tweeted at him to say Dez just tell us you coming back lol

And he responded: Yea I’m coming back... I’m being smart

Well.  Yes and no. Yes to the first part: no to the second: at least as it relates to what you were thumbing out. As for the football aprt, I don’t know how much it matters. Again, he has four receptions in three games. He hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season since 2014. I’m not sure how much he can bring to a team.

But I do know that if you’re running down the list of people who handled positive tests terribly, he’s first team all-pro

Just so we’re clear, the virus did not single you out. I’m sorry that a global pandemic bummed you out last night and ruined your evening. But it’s done a lot more than ruin the evenings for millions of families around the world.

Your focus should be on getting healthy, not quitting on twitter, having some wine, trying to tell us your business plans and then un-quitting.