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There is a huge move to label certain NBA games as must-win games.

March 04, 2019 - 9:23 am

There is a huge move to label certain NBA games as must-win games. But Lakers v. Suns on Saturday night wasn’t a must-win. It was a can’t-lose. Facing the 12-win Suns, the worst team in the NBA, is a free spin on the board. The Suns don’t give a damn. And haven’t for a long time. That’s how you’re sitting on 12 wins in March. You don’t give a damn, and you have nothing play for. Going up against a team that has everything to play for and is trying to salvage its season. So if you’re a Laker team, trying to grind out a playoff spot against a team that quit months ago, you absolutely cannot lose:

Phoenix 118
Los Angeles 109

Uh-OH! If that wasn’t the end of their playoff hopes, you can see it from here. And it pretty much was the end. And, the only shocking part of losing to the Suns is that it wasn’t a shock. This fits with what they’ve been doing since Christmas. 

They didn’t just lose to the Suns, they were thrashed by the Suns. I don’t want to say they laid down. But how else would you describe it?? Luke Walton said before the game that it was a “game we have to win” and then his guys came out and fell behind by double-digits in the first quarter. And they were down by 19 in the fourth quarter. Smacked by a team that was sitting on 12 wins, in March, with nothing to play for: if that’s not laying down, what is?  Exactly who or what are these guys playing for?! These dudes are D.O.A.; Dead on Arrival. But don’t take my word for it. Take if from Snoop. He had a few choice words for their effort. Just none that I can really on the radio:

There’s nothing better than Snoop glossing the non-LeBron Lakers as “goofballs.” And he’s right. If you’re getting blown out by the Suns in a game you need to keep your season alive, against a team that really doesn’t want to win, you are a bunch of goofballs.  I’m not saying LeBron is without blame. Far from it. Missing key free throws late in games, playing that matador dee like he’s nailed to the floor and inbounding the ball off the back of the glass definitely all include goof ball properties, but nothing Snoop was unfair. 

I know, I know, Laker fans. There are still 19 games left. The Lakers are just four games behind the Spurs and Clippers in the loss column. They can still do this. Sure, they could…but how the hell can I make that argument when these goofballs keep lying down against the league’s worst? Has anyone, anywhere, seen anything that leads you to believe these goofballs are going to figure it out? 

And look who’s waiting to smash that final nail in the coffin. Their cross town rival. And a team that is everything the Lakers aren’t right now. United, gritty and playing for each other instead quitting on each other. 

And if you are a Laker fan, the only thing more humiliating than losing to the Suns on Saturday would be getting choked out by little brother tonight. 

So here you go: Lakers v. Clippers. 7:30pm Pacific at Staples. The battle for Los Angeles. The battle for the playoffs. This is it. This is everything. Turn up. Love you guys. Awesome.

Show the hell up tonight. Because the last thing I want to do is have to run this take back again exactly 24 hours from right now.