Doc Goes Legend

A JC blast.

Jim Rome
February 19, 2021 - 10:48 am
Doc Rivers

USA Today


As good as the Brooklyn Nets are, they don’t have the best record in the East. That title belongs to the Philadelphia 76ers and that’s after the Sixers dropped 3 of their last 4. That tells you something about the lead that the Sixers had built at the start of the season.

And it tells you something about their head coach Doc Rivers. Like the fact that he’s still an elite coach. In the wake of the Clipper choke job, Doc took a lot of heat. And he’d be the first to tell you that he deserved some, but it sure seemed like he took more than the guys who were on the floor, especially Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Now Doc is in Philadelphia and what do you know – Ben Simmons is playing at an elite level, Tobias Harris is playing some of the best basketball of his career, and Jo is averaging 30 and 11.

If Doc Rivers was the kind of guy to say scoreboard, he could do that right now and nobody could argue with him. But that’s not his style.

But just because he’s not going to pound his chest and say look at me, doesn’t mean he won’t call someone out. He will. He will absolutely come for you if you aren’t doing your job. Or if you are doing your job from an unusual location.

Check out this interaction with the media.

Everything about it is perfect, starting with the fact that Doc is listening intently to the question about the team having a pretty prolific first half against the Rockets without Ben Simmons, but then he jumps in with the question of the week:

“Jackson, are you in bed right now?”

And Jackson, clearly busted, had to own up to the fact that yes, he was in bed.

“I am laying on my bed, yeah.”

And then Doc reacts with a JC blast. Who wouldn’t?

I haven’t heard a JC blast that crisp since Craig Jeffers recognized THE MAN HIMSELF.

Or since Noah Vosen recognized a former CIA assassin with memory problems.

Shoutout to the crew from Blackbriar, Treadstone, and the hacking division for being stunned every time a single person is causing havoc and it turns out to be the dude formerly known as David Webb.

Except there is a long way from the head of Blackbriar spotting the most lethal human on earth to the head coach of the Sixers calling out a reporter for conducting an interview from his bed?

I’m not saying that Jackson Frank isn’t great at his job, but I’m pretty sure no one has ever confused Jackson Frank with Jason Bourne. Nobody is looking for Jackson Frank to kill a guy with a book or detonate a house with a toaster.

Sure, he writes good stuff, but has he ever killed a guy with a pen?

But I totally get why Doc reacted the way he did. You’re expecting me to answer a question about the first half performance without Ben Simmons and not mention the fact that you’re asking that question from a bed?

Jackson is lucky that Doc didn’t hit him with more questions. Jackson, are you in bed right now?

Jackson, is that a pillow behind your head? Is that a headboard? Is someone smashing your head off the headboard: are you getting right now, Jackson

And no, I’m not going to come in here and clown a guy for working from his bed. Is it the most professional thing ever, no? But find me anyone who hasn’t had a zoom call from a really unusual location. These are desperate times and they call for desperate measures.

And some folks have done a lot worse on their zoom calls than Jackson Frank. A whole lot worse. We don’t need to name names. They’re already legends. Keep moving.

Because Jackson owned it, Doc shaming me for not having a work desk at my parents’ house, a place I do not live!!!

See?!? That’s not some loser. That’s not some slacker doing the bare minimum and refusing to get out of bed to work and instead just staying in bed and working.

That’s a guy who is hustling. He doesn’t have a work desk at his parents’ place, so he turned a bed into one. He didn’t take the day off. He did what everyone else has done during this pandemic, he made due with what he had. He made it work.

But credit to Doc, even after the JC blast, he still answered Jackson’s question. No shame for Jackson. No shame for Doc. Just one guy trying to do his job under tough circumstances and the other busting his chops for it.

I’m not gonna crack a guy for having a first name and a last name for a first name, but I will give some advice to a fellow colleague...

Stand up, when you talk... It’s not hard to tell when someone is talking while standing and while laying down.

And then when you get your question off, mute your mic and lay your head back on that pillow.