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Draft Day

The NFL Draft is finally here. And not a second too soon.

April 26, 2018 - 10:02 am

The NFL Draft is finally here. And not a second too soon. And for a while, I didn’t think this day was ever going to come. But it’s finally here and it will finally start tonight in Arlington, Texas with the Cleveland Browns making the first pick. 

And unlike in previous years, when the first pick was already announced and practically signed, there is suspense this year. There is drama. There is mystery. And I hate it. 

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike suspense. In fact, I like it. Much better to have that than a guy who has already signed his contract days before the pick is even made. It’s not that I don’t like knowing; that’s fine. That’s good. What’s not… are all the stupid stories that go along with it. 

One day Josh Allen is Cleveland’s guy because of his arm strength and the AFC North weather. The next day it’s Sam Darnold because of his leadership and physical attributes. The next day it’s Baker Mayfield because of his playmaking. The next day they might trade down. And all of it is 100 percent pure smoke. 

Are the Browns going to take Baker Mayfield number one? Maybe. Or do they want you to think they’re going to take Baker Mayfield number one so that someone trades up with them? Maybe. 

That’s the whole point. Nobody outside the Browns organization knows and the way this draft has been covered, and the way nearly everyone has reported that everyone is going number one, means that nobody knows anything. And every one of those reports also contains a hedge or fifty, so they’re not really worth reading or hearing about in the first place.

You and I can debate whose going number one, but I highly doubt the Browns are debating who’s going number one. And if they are, they’re in worse trouble than we thought. A few hours out from the draft, if they still don’t know who they’re going to draft, then this draft isn’t going to save them. 

About the only person who’s enjoying this whole process is Baker Mayfield who dropped an all-time tweet last night. Boom!

Forget the Brett Favre quote that went along with it – it’s something about the people being in your corner – and check the people in the photo. Total freaking commitment to the Brett Favre re-enactment. I don’t know if Baker Mayfield can take a team straight to a Super Bowl, but I know he can take you to straight to 1991. 

We’re talking wood paneling, photos on the wall, family and friends in home-made t-shirts and poses that are replicas of the ones Favre’s crew was rocking. You’ve got the dude in the mint green polo and the guy in the yellow and black polo holding a cup. They even have some gal with an old-school video camera in the background. They did everything, even down to the jorts, the Zack Morris phone, and the weirdly casual lying on the bed pose from Mayfield. 

One source told ESPN that it took them three hours to pull that together. Honestly, if that’s true, he just jumped to the top of my draft board. I’m taking him number one overall. If you can pull off that shot in three hours, you can do anything. If you can create that look that quickly, you can take Cleveland from 0-16 to 16-0 in a matter of hours as well.

That tweet was just what the doctor ordered because it broke up the monotony of this grind to the draft. And if you’re Josh Allen, you’re probably a little relieved that people are talking about someone else’s tweet instead of your racist tweets from the past that just popped up. 

I don’t know how or why those surfaced hours before the draft. Actually I do. If you’re someone who matters, and you tweet something ignorant or racist, it will absolutely come back to bite you in the ass. And I don’t care how old you were when you said it. If you said it, someone will find it. So don’t say it. Better yet, don’t think it. That way you won’t have to explain yourself to your potential employers, teammates and the rest of the world.  ,

I’d love to say this is the last time I’m going to say it, but I know it’s not. I’ll probably have to reset it tomorrow too. But: the internet really is in ink. What you tweet when you’re a teenager never disappears. Whether you get drafted by an NFL team or end up working an accounting firm, it’s something you might have to answer for at some point. So maybe you don’t tweet out garbage like that because it will come back to haunt you. 

So having said all of that: what are my predictions for tonight? Someone will be left in the green room longer than expected. A bunch of quarterbacks will be taken and every team that drafts one will claim that he was their first choice. Even the team that takes the fourth quarterback off the board will tell the world that he was the first quarterback on their board. 

Oh, and there will be hugs. Lots and lots of awkward hugs and even more awkward handshakes with Roger Goodell. Beyond that, anyone who’s reporting anything or guaranteeing you anything right now is blowing smoke. They’re throwing ish up against the wall hoping that it sticks; and it usually doesn’t.