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Drew Freaking Brees

The Ultimate Pro.

October 09, 2018 - 10:39 am

Idiots. Don’t at me for saying what I’m about to say. And check this. I mean what I say.  And I say what I mean. And I think about everything I say before I say it. Everything.  And I know exactly what I’m doing. So believe, me, I thought long and hard about what I’m about to say, before I crack open a mic and look into a television camera and say it is.  Here it is. And don’t even think of at’ing me for saying it. But… Drew Brees is very good at the sport of football. Yeah, I said it. And I’ll say it again. Drew Brees is very good at the sport of football.

Damn, that felt good. Felt incredible to get that off my chest. Not that we needed any reminder, but if for someone reason did, he gave it to you in the form of a 43-19 beatdown of the Redskins. With the entire nation and all of his peers watching. And speaking of his peers…

For all the talk of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers, and they all deserve every bit of the love that they get, Drew Brees is putting together one of the greatest careers in NFL history and has done it in such an incredible way. 

And I’m not SURPRISED by any of it. Amazed? Hell yes. But surprised? No. Honestly, I can’t begin to say just how impressed I am with just about everything I’ve seen from Drew Brees. He is the consummate professional. The ultimate pro’s pro. A guy who has had a really tough road, but handled it better than anyone could’ve expected. Don’t believe me about his professionalism, check Donte Stallworth’s twitter feed from last night. He has an incredible story there that is too long for me to share here, but it’s worth reading. 

And it’s a reminder that if we go back a few years, nobody wanted Drew Brees or his injured shoulder. Nick Saban and the Miami Dolphins went with Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees. And that was the second time the Dolphins passed on him. According to the Miami Herald, they could’ve taken him in the 2001 draft, but they didn’t think he was much of an upgrade over Jay Fiedler. 

Thinking Ryan Leaf would have a better career than Peyton Manning coming out of college can’t believe how whack that was. Wonder what anyone who had anything to do with taking Fiedler over Brees must have thought watching this last night??


That’s your new career passing record holder. Drew Christopher Brees. The guy who was barely an upgrade over Jay Fiedler and not nearly as good as Daunte Culpepper is now the all-time passing champ. 

Look, drafting is an inexact science. We all know that. And every front office is going to have some ugly misses that they’d like to have back, but Fiedler v. Brees is right up there with Sam Bowie and 45. 

And I love the way he did last night. There were a lot of ways that record could’ve been broken, but no better way than with a 62-yard touchdown pass. Airing it out. That felt so much better and so much more appropriate than swinging one out in the flat or going dink and dunk to get it. 

And it had to happen in New Orleans. Because the relationship between that city and that player is so special. He was a quarterback coming off shoulder surgery, New Orleans was a city coming off a horrific hurricane. 

They both made a comeback together. A comeback for the ages. For the guy. And the town. All the way to a Super Bowl win. If you wrote that in a script, it would seem too Hollywood, nobody would believe it. But you better believe that. And you better believe that Peyton Manning dropped a video congratulating Brees. 

Thanks, P. Thanks for the video of you slicing tomatoes and even more, thanks for the picture of the two of you from back in the day. Wow, that is one hell of a transformation for both of you. 

And before any of you losers start raining on the parade with your genius “it’s only a matter of time before this record gets broken so we shouldn’t really celebrate it” take, stop it. That’s a horrible take, right up there with the loser who hated Cal Ripken.

Don’t believe me? Check the numbers. Brees will crack 80K before he hangs it up, maybe even 85,000. You want to run that down, you better have 16 or 17 seasons of 5,000 yards in you. And there aren’t too many people who have that. In fact, only four guys have done it and they’ve only done it once each. Brees has done it five times. 

So, yeah, I know there are a lot of passing records that have been falling lately and a bunch more will fall in the future as offenses open up and the rules continue to change. But we can celebrate this one a little bit and more importantly, celebrate the guy who did it. Because nobody has done it better or more professionally than Drew Brees.  No one wanted him, but no one wanted it worse or was willing to pay a greater price than Brees.  As professional an athlete as I have ever come across. The Ultimate Pro. Period.