Dustin Johnson Is On An All-Time Heater

DJ isn’t just filthy. He’s filthy rich.

Jim Rome
September 08, 2020 - 11:52 am
Dustin Johnson

USA Today


If it feels like I’ve been talking a lot about Dustin Johnson it’s because—I’ve been talking a lot about Dustin Johnson. Four straight tournaments. Four straight top-2’s or better. Two dubs. And one epic bottom line.  

And now I have 15 million more reasons to keep talking about DJ—after he ripped the FedEx Cup yesterday at Eastlake and looked like a guy walking to the mailbox to send a letter while doing it.

Flat-lining doesn’t begin to do this dude justice. Because you’d have thought after he birdied 18 to win the Cup that he just got a check for 15 bucks. Not 15 million. It’s as if those six zeros were his pulse, and not the amount of goose eggs on his comically massive bank slip.

Look—its one thing to dominate a golf tournament. Which DJ did back at the Northern Trust when he won by 11 shots after firing a record-setting 30-under par. It’s entirely another thing to dominate golf—for a month.

Golf is witchcraft. A fickle game and a cruel mistress and something that can never be truly mastered. You’ll see dudes rip tourneys one week and heinously miss the cut the next. It’s how it goes. But Dustin Johnson seems to have this thing completely figured out. And when he’s on—there’s nobody better.

It’s not just that he won another event yesterday and peeled out of Atlanta with 15 million dollars. It’s that since August 9th the guy has now stuffed over 20 mill into the bank. In 29 days. And that’s just on-course earnings. Good work if you can get it.

So Dustin Johnson isn’t just filthy. He’s filthy rich.

And when you consider what it took to beat the guy in the two tournaments he didn’t win this month—the accomplishments become even more impressive. Remember—Colin Morikawa needed to shoot 64 on Sunday at Harding Park with a miracle eagle to get by DJ in the PGA Championship. And Jon Rahm had to jug an impossible downhill 66-footer to win their playoff last week at the BMW. So it’s not like DJ is taking weeks off. Quite the opposite actually. He’s making dudes do once-in-a-lifetime things just too barely get by him.

So in the last month, as I mentioned, he’s got 4 top-2’s, 2 wins, a FedEx Cup, and 20 million bones. And he’s 36. Which isn’t old by golf standards but it sure as hell isn’t green. The average age of the current top-10 sticks in the world is nearly a decade younger than DJ. So maybe it’s old man strength. Maybe it’s the beard. Maybe it’s experience. Or maybe it’s the aloof demeanor he always gets cracked for.

This is the same guy who fired a pair 80’s at the Memorial in July and chased that with a 78 three weeks later in Minnesota before quitting because of injury. And he’s the same dude who watched a major slip away after coming into Sunday with a 54-hole lead a month ago. Those kinds of rounds can put any golfer into a hellbound mental spiral.  Some dudes never come back from even some of that, much less ALL OF THAT. Not DJ. Dude didn’t blink. Hell, wreck him? It damn near made him. And now he’s the number 1 stick on the planet, the season champ, and the favorite going into the US Open.

And that's always gonna be the story with this guy. Never mind the 23 wins and the Hall of Fame career, or the fact that he has more TOUR victories than Tiger and Rory since 2008. Never mind the prize money or the FedEx Cup or the Player of the Year award. Every one of this guy’s critics want to see him win another major before they give him any credit.

Not me. He has a US Open. And he’ll get another major before it’s all said and done. If it’s not a question of if, but a matter of when. Mark it down: this guy is going to finish with at least 30 wins; and at least 2 majors; 

And if he’s a 30-time winner, with at least two majors, 80 million in career earnings, a FedEx Cup, and a 2016 Player of Year—you’re not just talking about one of the best of his generation. You’re talking about one of the best of all-time. Whether you like or not. Just know either way, this dude doesn’t give a damn. Does he LOOK like he cares what you or I or anyone thinks?  obviously not: if he did: this dude isn’t get out of bed most morning, much less tearing up every single track he steps onto now.