The Dysfunctional Knicks

Disgraceful as they ever were.

Jim Rome
November 12, 2019 - 12:26 pm
Steve Mills and Scott Perry

USA Today


If you had ten games into the season before the Knicks started imploding, congratulations, you can collect your winnings. Because we are exactly ten games into the season and the Knicks are already melting down.

Ten games.


The length of a Dion Waiters suspension for allegedly OD’ing on gummies.

And the Knicks front office is already freaking out and (reportedly)  planting the seeds to fire head coach David Fizdale.

And sure, going 2-8 in those first ten games is bad. And getting hammered by 21 the Cleveland Cavaliers at home on Sunday was a horrible look.

It was so bad that president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry held a hasty press conference after the game to say that they “aren’t happy where we are.”

Good take, fellas.

And then Mills followed up that joke with this one: "This is not where we expected to be at this point -- 10 games in."

Get out of here with that garbage.

You guys assembled that roster and actually thought you’d be better than this? Where have you been for the last 500 games? Oh, I know, you’ve either been president or GM and the team has lost two thirds of its games during that time.

You won 17 games last year. Starting 2-8 isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. It’s what you do.  It’s who you are.  No one, anywhere is surprised by this.  We all expected it.  You are who we thought were.  And have always been.

The hell did you really expect? The team was detonated to make a run at Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and then you couldn’t get within fifty miles of either of them and they went to Brooklyn. So you had to scramble to fill roster spots.

So what were you expecting? The team is slow and lacks the kind of guards that you need to compete in the NBA right now. So, again, what exactly were you expecting?

I’m not sure what was worse – that dopey press conference where Mills and Perry hustled to the podium before head coach David Fizdale was done talking to his players in the locker room or the fact that they actually think they have a plan.

Strike that – they do have a plan and that plan is to blame the head coach. That’s it. There’s your plan.  Run your coach in front of a subway, and cover your own ass so you’re not the one who takes the fall.  . And then keep on being garbage and charging top prices for garbage.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Fizdale’s record in New York is great. But nobody’s record in New York has been great, and nobody’s would be given the roster this guy has to coach. 

Every game Fizdale has lost is on Mills as well. And every game both of them have lost is on James Dolan.

We’re past the point where clowning James Dolan is fun. Because it’s too easy. It’s not shooting fish in a barrel, it’s watching the fish just fall out of the barrel and into your lap.

The truly insulting thing about all of this is the Knicks front office and Dolan claiming that they should be better than what they are.

No, you shouldn’t. You’ve been terrible for years and you’re still terrible. Nothing has changed. If you want to demean yourselves by being terrible, that’s fine. But don’t insult the rest of us by acting like you think you should be good.  By acting like you really are better than your record; and that this is some huge surprise.

Yes, the Knicks look like a really bad team.  And you know why that is?  Because – they are a really bad team.

You look like what you are. Wear it and get better. Or do what you always do and just shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic. Look busy for the sake of looking busy. David Fizdale is a smart guy.  And a good coach. But go ahead, fire him.

Fire David Fizdale and see what happens. See if anything gets better. Add Fizdale to the list of guys like Jeff Hornacek, Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis, I could keep going, but it doesn’t matter. Because none of this matters. Everyone knows where the problem lies, but everyone has to act like it isn’t a problem.

And I know you don’t want to hear booing at Madison Square Garden, but you should be celebrating that. Because at least suckers, errr, I mean, fans, are still going to the games. Booing is better than the silence of an empty arena, which is what you really deserve.  

Right now Dan Snyder and James Dolan are in a death match to see who the worst owner in sports is. And Dolan is currently landing at will.  And looking like he’s going to finish this fight.  The New York Knicks: disgraceful as they ever were. The more things change, the more they stay exactly the same.