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What are you doing on December 27th?

December 12, 2018 - 11:41 am

Quick question: what are you doing on December 27th? Better question, what are you doing on December 26th? 

Because I already know exactly what I’m doing, I’m getting the family together and we’re posting up for the Independence Bowl on December 27th. Because that is easily the most important game of the bowl season. Don’t come up in here, wasting my time with Alabama-Oklahoma and Clemson-Notre Dame, I am all about Temple v. Duke in the early afternoon on December 27th.

Yes, I know that Temple head coach Geoff Collins just took the Georgia Tech job, so he won’t be with the team. But I also know this. Collins wont’ be there. But Ed Foley will.  As interim coach. And Temple hasn’t been this electric since John Chaney was trying to fight John Calipari.

One of the most unbelievable, surreal things ever. But that was then, and Ed Foley is the epitome of NOW. Because Eddie F showed up at a podium in Shreveport and burned the city to the ground. You know how those trips go when the two head coaches show up in the host city, pose for pictures with the trophy and then spit vanilla about how they’re honored to be playing in the Whatever Bowl and how nice it is to be in this no-name city. 

Well Ed Foley isn’t about that life. Ed Foley is about the Shreveport life and Ed Foley is all about the Independence Bowl. 


Just inject that straight into my veins. Better yet, skip the veins and go straight for the eyeballs because Ed Foley has what I need.

I need to find out about Duke and I need to find out about Temple and I need to find out about who wants to hit each other harder and for longer. 

You tell Ed Foley that there are too many bowl games. Or that Shreveport is boring and isn’t the greatest city in America. I’m not doing it. Because for this dude, those are two reasons to go!

This guy was raving about the city on the drive from the airport. He told the local media: “We were driving to the hotel and saw a little shack with a sign out that said gizzards, po' boys and Philly cheese steak sandwiches. I can’t wait to try the Philly Cheese to see what it’s all about here.”

Gizzards! Dude is hyped on gizzards! 

The man is excited about gizzards! And the Independence Bowl. And Shreveport. And life itself. 

Nobody has ever been more excited to be in Shreveport than Ed Foley. Nobody has ever been more excited about anything or to do anything than Ed Foley is to coach the Temple Owls in the Independence Bowl. Excuse me. Can you give me a quick second? Cuz there’s a brick wall I need to run through! Why because Ed Foley has me feeling like I can!! Remember. That’s not Ed Foley talking to his Temple team. That’s Ed Foley talking to the local Shreveport media he just met. From the Mayor’s office. At the Mayor’s podium

And In case you weren’t clear—Temple Football is coming to Shreveport. And they are going to practice hard and hold open doors for the townspeople.

What more could you ask for?

I haven’t talked a lot of Temple football on this show this year, but I guarantee you that is the finest group of young men that will ever go through Shreveport, Louisiana. Why? Because Ed Foley said so.

I have a rule on this show and that rule is: If Ed Foley says it, it’s true. So I know that the Owl players will be holding doors open for people and thanking everyone for everything.  

You want to tell Ed Foley that the Independence Bowl meant more when it was the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl? You go right ahead. Just be prepared to take a fist to the face before you finish speaking. 

And skip the “Ed Foley went to the Matt Foley School of Motivational Speaking” joke. If that fruit was hanging any lower, it would be underground.

No, Ed Foley is not Matt Foley. Matt Foley was a fictional character. Ed Foley is a living legend. He is flesh and he is blood and he is standing in front of you, screaming about Duke and Temple playing in Shreveport on December 27th.  

Texas A&M defensive coordinator Mike Elko reportedly turned down the Temple head coaching job earlier today. Probably because he didn’t want to follow Ed Foley. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t care that he’s never won an FBS football game as a head coach. 

Do the right thing, Temple, and make this man your head coach. The guy you want, Temple, is the guy right in front of you. The guy losing his mind over the Independence Bowl five days into his interim gig. 

Coach 'em up Ed. And pick him up, Temple.