Emotional Presser For Bob Myers

The Warriors just won to keep their season alive and they were acting like they lost, understandably.

Jim Rome
June 11, 2019 - 10:18 am
Bob Myers

USA Today


How devastating was last night? The Warriors just won to keep their season alive and they were acting like they lost, understandably. Because they lost their teammate. That was the most gutting, brutal Finals win you’ll ever see.

How brutal? Did you see Bob Myers addressing the media afterwards? He could barely speak.

That was raw. Seriously raw. You know this is a huge Bob Myers house. He isn’t just one of the best at his job, he’s one of the best at any job. And what you saw last night was why. Because he cares.

If you want to clown somebody for being emotional, you can do that. But I won’t. That’s what I want in a general manager. That’s what I want in someone who is leading an organization. Someone who is real. Not fake. And Myers is as real as they come. 

And no, that’s not an act. Those weren’t crocodile tears. He’s not putting on a show in an attempt to recruit Durant back to the Warriors as a free agent. As always if that’s your reaction, that says a hell of a lot more about you than it does about Bob Myers. And it’s one of the worst takes ever. And you’re going with that, it’s just shows your ignorance.  You obviously don’t know the man. I do. 

If that’s your take, you’ve clearly never heard Bob Myers on this show. Or our podcast. Or anywhere else. That is a guy who cares about his players. That has never been in doubt.

But let’s pick up on a couple of things that have emerged from last night and throughout the timeline of the Durant injury.

Let’s start with the idea that some losers started to float that he was staying out longer than he had to, so that he could prove to the Warriors how valuable he was. Yeah, that was garbage. The Warriors already knew how valuable he was. They didn’t need a reminder. Ask any one of the guys in the locker room, they weren’t questioning his value.

Ask DeMarcus Cousins what he thought of any one who questioned Durant’s heart.

Bleep them. Bleep them. He’s right. And he went on: "It's bigger than basketball here. Outside these lines, we're human beings just like everybody in this room. We go through things. We have life crises. We have emotions. We have ups and downs. It's just, when we get in between those lines, we have to zone out all of that and become these superstar athletes. They (the Warriors organization) know us outside of the lines. They know the everyday struggles. They know the adversity and the ups and downs we go through on a daily basis. (Myers) is feeling for the guy. It's not about basketball. It's about everything else. The (expletive) that y'all don't care about."

And then there’s Durant himself, who posted on Instagram: "Dub Nation gonna be loud as bleep for game 6. I'm hurting deep in the soul right now I can't lie but seeing my brothers get this win was like taking a shot of tequila, i got new life lol."

That should answer any of your questions about how connected he was to his teammates. Of course, those questions should’ve been answered when you saw him hanging in the tunnel to congratulate them after wins. Or when you saw Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry helping him off the floor last night. Or when you saw the emotional reactions from guys like Klay when they talked about him.

Or the fact that when Rachel Nichols showed Steph Curry the video of Myers getting emotional at the press conference, Curry himself started to tearing up and went to find Myers to hug.

Honestly, those questions should’ve been answered a while ago, but for some reason they’re out there. There’s also another topic, one that Myers touched on in terms of Kevin Durant as a villain. I don’t have time to get into that today, but I will at some point. Because that has been one weird turn, but anyway, let’s get back to last night and the other absurd ideas that are being floated.

Like the one that someone has to be blamed and that the Warriors rushed him back, and somehow this is all part of some larger conspiracy theory. Who should be blamed? Is it on the medical staff? Is it on Durant? Is it on Myers?

How about this – we don’t know. And maybe it’s on nobody. Maybe, it’s no one’s fault. You want to point to the fact that he played 12 of the first 14 minutes? Cool. But how did he look in 12 of the first 14 minutes? Pretty damn good, right.

If you want to come in here and bang that drum, you better have proof that you were saying in that first quarter that he had already played too many minutes. And even then, you’re lying to yourself.

And if they only played him six minutes in the first fourteen, who’s to say he doesn’t get injured in the seventh minute of fifteen?

In other words, if you’re looking for a conspiracy theory, keep on moving.

You’re telling me that the Golden State Warriors tricked Kevin Durant into playing? Is that what you’re saying?? They had multiple doctors and experts review the injury over the last month but they somehow tricked Durant, and his family, and the people around him into playing?

The same team that held Klay out of Game 3 as a safety precaution, even though they knew it would cost them that game, and he wanted to play! But they’re fooling Kevin Durant into playing in Game 5 after waiting patiently on him for more than a month? Right. Sure.  They did.

If you’re going to come with that garbage, you better have proof that the Warriors bullied Durant into playing. Don’t just come in here and throw that crap up against the wall. 

Could they have handled it differently? Maybe. Sure. Any time someone is coming back from an injury and then suffers an even worse injury, there is going to be a review and maybe they’ll want to do things differently. And you could see stories that come out later that go to that point. But we don’t know. This isn’t the first time that a guy has come back from an injury and then been reinjured. That happens a lot. Never on this stage to a guy of that caliber, but it happens a lot.

Sure, if you want to argue that if Durant doesn’t play last night he doesn’t suffer an injury, fine. But by that rationale, no player should ever play. If you never play, you’ll never get hurt. The moment you step on the court or a field, there’s risk of injury. And when you’re coming back from injury, that risk is higher. So it’s all about limiting that risk, but you can’t be perfect. You can’t guarantee that a guy won’t get reinjured. 

And by the way, what would have been said about Durant all summer if he didn’t play last night? If he never played in the Finals and Golden State lost, everyone would be questioning his heart. Now the very same losers who would’ve questioned his heart are questioning the decision to return.

There are a lot of unknowns and watching him go down last night was an emotional moment for everyone. I just know that it sure seemed like a lot of clowns on Twitter suddenly got their PhDs and got board-certified to practice Twitter medicine in a matter of moments last night. From loser to orthopedic surgeon in one second flat. Twitter is funny like that. And by funny, I mean, completely jacked. When twitter’s good, it’s unbelievable, and when it’s bad, it’s well…that. The worst thing ever. And saying that Bob Myers faked that emotion to cover himself and to re-sign Durant is the worst take ever.