Eric Bieniemy Is Still Not An NFL Head Coach

32 head coaching jobs and currently only two are held by Black men?

Jim Rome
January 19, 2021 - 10:35 am
Eric Bieniemy

USA Today


Andy Reid met with the media yesterday and as you can imagine, Big Red was in full form. At one point, he was asked about the fourth down call.

Question: "When did 4th and 1 become a throwing down?"

Reid: "I went to BYU. Every down is a throwing down."

Hell yes! Love that answer. Shoutout to the Cougars. Shoutout to Lavell Edwards. Shoutout to the OG of the modern passing game. Shoutout to the godfather of the Air Raid.

That answer says so much about Reid. 4th and 1 is a throwing down when you have complete and total confidence in your passing game. And complete and total confidence in your receivers. That confidence is so great that he was willing to make 4th and 1 a passing down knowing that Chad Henne was going to be the guy passing.

Most coaches who have Chad Henne in the game are saying that 4th and 1 is a punting down. And so is third down. And probably second as well. Just get that guy off the field and see if our defense can make something happen. But not Andy. He’s got a ton of confidence in his guys.

And if you want to see trust and confidence in his guys, I suggest you check his answer to the question of why Eric Bieniemy has not been hired as a head coach yet. Because that is one of the biggest mysteries in the game right now.

How was the guy who was regarded as the best candidate last year and was passed over, on the verge of getting passed over again?

That whole answer is great, but check out the end: "When he gets his hands on you, figuratively, he does wonders with athletes, and he's able to maximize their abilities on the field and he gives them that extra boost to be a productive person off the field and somebody I would have loved for my son to have played for."

Praise does not get any higher than that. And endorsements do not get any stronger than that. He’s not just saying that Bieniemy is a good coach, he’s saying he’s the kind of guy he would’ve wanted his son to play for. That is all you need to know.

Some folks have been working really hard to find a reason why Bieniemy hasn’t been given a head coaching gig, because unless there is something that the rest of us don’t know about, it does not make any sense at all.

So now folks are grasping at straws and it seems like some have settled on the idea that he’s just in the right place at the right time. That he’s not really that great, he’s just lucky to have Andy Reid as the head coach and Patrick Mahomes as the quarterback. That anyone would look good in that situation.

But Reid is telling you that’s not the case. And Mahomes has said that as well: “His track record speaks for itself. The type of man he is, the way he can control and be a leader of the locker room and the way that he coaches and schemes he brings to us. If he doesn’t, people are crazy.”

So if your justification was that he’s with Reid and Mahomes, then that argument goes out the window because Reid and Mahomes are telling you just how special he is.

Is that not enough? Well then, here’s Jamaal Charles who told CBS Sports dot com: "Every guy Eric Bieniemy touches, he raises their game -- whoever they are. Pat (Mahomes) would be Pat, but I don't think he'd be (as good as he is) without Coach Bieniemy teaching him the details about blitz (packages). He's a very smart, intelligent man that gets in his players' heads and brings out the best in them.”

And then there were those claims that his interviews didn’t go well. Like the idea that he didn’t interview well with the Falcons.

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution has already punted that idea out of the stadium: Don’t waste your time with the Eric Bieniemy didn’t crush his interview with the Falcons reports. It’s not accurate. Now, enjoy Super Wildcard Weekend.

And the craziest thing about all of this is, that while a guy like Bieniemy is getting passed over, the Detroit Lions appear to be on the verge of hiring Saints tight ends coach Dan Campbell. And if your reaction to that is: who? You’re not alone.

No disrespect to Dan Campbell, but seriously, how is he getting a head coaching gig before the guy with a Super Bowl ring who’s running the most exciting offense in football and has developed the most dynamic quarterback in the game?

Oh, and speaking of success, that’s another thing that gets held against Bieniemy – for some reason, it seems like some teams have tried to justify not hiring him by saying that it’s because he’s still coaching. Right, he’s still coaching right now because he’s good. Isn’t the fact that he’s got a great look at another ring a good thing?

And while we’re at it, how is it that there are 32 head coaching jobs and currently only two are held by Black men? How is that possible? I already know the answer, I just hate that it’s still the case.