C.J. Anderson

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Fat Back Coming!

Just when you thought the NFC Championship game had enough plot lines.

January 18, 2019 - 9:42 am

Just when you thought the NFC Championship game had enough plot lines, C.J. Anderson comes busting through the door to shake things up. 

Don't get it twisted, that's not some Kool-Aid man joke. This isn't me opening the door for 100 emails asking Alvy to unleash the Achievement in Obesity sounder.

This is a dead-serious, dead straight take: C.J. Anderson is the man. C.J. Manderson isn't a punch line, dude is Sean McVay's secret weapon. And if the Rams are gonna walk into Nola, punch the Saints in the mouth, and walk out with a ticket to Atlanta, C.J. Anderson is gonna be a huge reason why. 

Look, this dude will straight up tell you, he's not in ideal playing shape. Dude had shut down the cardio for the year when the Raiders broke him off. Hell, he's not just here for your "FAT BACK" jokes, he's telling them himself. Here's what CJ told ESPN: "I call myself Fat Back. We'll keep that going as long as this season goes. I think it's comedy. We're entertainers. Look, I'm 12 or 13 pounds overweight. I'm not going to lie about that. But I'm not overweight to the point where I can't play the game. As long as I'm still moving and doing the things I need to do, I'm OK being Fat Back."

Awesome.  As you know, one of the only rules of this show is, no SELF-GLOSSING.  You don’t give yourself, gloss, we give you gloss. The show gives you gloss. I don’t care if your boys call you, the zookeeper or The Axe…or the Bowling Ball…or Manny Cheeseburger. Or horse monkey. Or mole doggie. Here, you’re just John in Detroit. And Mark in Sacramento. No. Self. Glossing. Unless you play in the NFL and you call yourself the Fat Back. Then it’s fine. Then it’s awesome. Then I have a reason to break out Alvin’s glorious Obesity Achievement Announcement!

And as far as C.J. saying he’s OK; he’s better than that. Much better. 

Let's be real here: The Rams offense wasn't moving like the Rams offense coming down the stretch. Injuries were piling up. Jared Goff was struggggggling. Todd Gurley was dinged and no piling up yards and touchdowns like earlier in the season.  

After putting up 54 points and 455 yards in that win against the Chiefs, the Rams went for just 344 yards against Matt Pat's Lions D, just 214 yards against the Bears in Soldier Field, and then got punked at home by Nick Foles and the Eagles. 

But once they brought CJ in, the offense immediately changed. 167 yards and a score against the Cards. 132 and another TD against the Niners. And just when you wanted to accuse him of piling up stats against scrubs, he went out and absolutely PUT IT ON the Cowboys. 

23 carries. 123 yards. Straight up shredding the Dallas Defense. And the dude Chunk Gruden signed and cut within a week, less than a month earlier was getting the ball on 4th and goal from the 1 with McVay looking to land a kill shot. And C.J. was delivering it better than my man John Wick.

Look, let's be real here: There was NO CHART that told Sean McVay to go for the throat. Hell, every chart on the planet said, kick the field goal and go up 11. You can call it brass. And you can also call it the ultimate compliment. He shoved the rock in C.J.'s gut, not Todd Gurley's. He gave it to the 5-foot-8 dude pushing a deuce-and-a-half and C.J. got the job done. 

So clown this dude if you want to. But nobody's asking him to put on joggers and go 26.2. They're asking him to hit it between the tackles, move the chains, and keep the ball out of Drew Brees's hands. 

Dude's already done that like an absolute boss. And if LA's gonna go into the Saints house and win the George Halas Trophy, it's gonna be because C.J. is out front throwing haymakers. 

FAT BACK COMING. And Nola better watch the hell out. Y’ALL are clowning the wrong dude. Disrespecting the wrong dude. Because believe me, the Saints are. That was a brilliant addition by les Snead and Sean McVay has used him perfectly. FAT BACK COMING!