Fear The Beer!

David Bakhtiari won the night.

Jim Rome
May 24, 2019 - 10:07 am
David Bakhtiari

USA Today


The Milwaukee Bucks may have lost Game 5—but Green Bay Packers offensive lineman, David Bakhtiari won the night. And that’s because DB was in attendance last night flexing one of the most timeless and well-respected displays of badass’ery: The beer chug. And it wasn’t just a beer chug. It was a back-to-back-to-back beer chug from his courtside seat while being broadcast on the jumbotron.

Three beers put down in 15 seconds flat. And how the hell was your Thursday night?

If you missed the viral moment of Game 5—the Bucks shoved a camera in Bakhtiari’s grill knowing full well he was gonna put on a show. And that’s because Bakhtiari has inhaled beers on the big screen already during this series against the Raptors. But what made last night break Twitter is that after Bakhtiari made two brewskis disappear in 11 seconds—the camera then cut to Aaron Rodgers who was also sitting courtside. And under Rodgers’ seat was A half full cup of suds that he lifted up to the crowd, tipped back to HIS grill, and…



Well nothing. Dude couldn’t polish off the chug. The beer went down like the Game of Thrones series finale. And before Rodgers could even hang his head in the shame—the camera cut back to Bakhtiari who downed a third 12-ouncer in four seconds.

So if you’re keeping score at home:

36 ounces down the hatch for Bakhtiari—6 ounces for Rodgers.

And the internet roasted Rodgers coast-to-coast for not being able to hang.

But I got this dude’s back. Because I truly believe Rodgers was playing the heel on the purpose. I do. There is no way this guy voluntarily picks up a half full beer from under his seat that no one knew he had—in front of an arena that worships him—if he knows he’s got no shot at finishing it. And believe me; everyone knows what they can and can't do with a beer when it comes to chugging. And if you see the video—you can see Rodgers playing up his struggle by putting his finger in the air as if to ask the crowd to be patient while he works on 6-ounces of malted hops and barley.

The guy is an actor. He just starred in the biggest TV show of all-time a few weeks ago. He has a flair for the dramatic. And beyond being an actor—he’s a quarterback. And David Bakhtiari protects him. So this was nothing more than a QB returning the favor and giving back to an underappreciated offensive lineman who deserves some overdue shine. Heady play and an unselfish play, if you ask me.

At some point during the game—Rodgers tweeted out: “Make it a scotch next time, David Bakhtiari”

Oh. Hell. Yes.

I don’t root—but you best believe I’m rooting for this series to get back to Wisco for a Game 7 so I can see these dude trade pulls from a bottle of Macallan.

I’ll say this: How awesome are Bucks games? You’ve got an MVP quarterback and his offensive lineman just putting down beers for the amusement of the crowd. Hell, even Pete Davidson—aka Christian Yelich—was chugging for the big screen, too. And at one point after Bakhtiari had already polished off three beers—he grabbed someone’s full can and went all Stone Cold Steve Austin with it.

Bakhtiari 3:16. And he didn’t spill a drop all night. Which is so much better than those dopey baseball celebrations where guys like Madison Bumgarner dump a six pack on their face and call it a chug.

The Raptors have unsolicited back rubs at the their games. The Bucks have local superstar athletes pounding brewskis at theirs.

You tell me who’s doing it better? SURE…The Bucks lost the game but the David Bakhtiari won the night--with an assist from Aaron Rodgers. FEAR THE BEER!