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Feeling Pretty Dangerous

How were you feeling when you rolled out of the rack this morning.

November 12, 2018 - 2:47 pm

How were you feeling when you rolled out of the rack this morning.  I mean, it IS Monday.  And if you had yourself a weekend, maybe you woke up a little punch drunk.  A little sluggish.  Ever have those mornings when you wake up and you don’t know where the hell you are?  Or what day it is?  Is it one of those days?

Or maybe you rolled out like a boss, feeling great.  And went right to the kitchen, and smashed 25 grams of protein.  Up and at em and ready to kill the day.  And the rest of the week. 

Or, if you’re really, really lucky. You woke up the way Baker Mayfield did yesterday morning. Roll it. 

“When I woke up this morning, I was feeling pretty dangerous.” That sounds like a guy who had a good night sleep. That sounds like a guy slept on a Casper Mattress.  Maybe even slammed a zippah up into his gap.

And it’s an even better quote when you know that he delivered it in a double-breasted overcoat on top of a hoodie. Look good, feel good, feel good, play good.  Feel dangerous, drop a dagger someone.  Great, look, better quote. 

But the best part is he says it and just stands there, letting the moment sink in. He even throws in an eyebrow raise and a smile, like, what?  I’m not trying to get anyone to look at me.  I’m not looking to start anything.  I’m just sayin, I woke up.  And I felt dangerous.  And when asked to expand on it, he just repeated it.  Right. Because there’s nothing to expand on.

“When I woke up this morning, I was feeling pretty dangerous” speaks for itself.  It doesn’t need any elaboration. 

If Dion Lewis hadn’t verbally assaulted the Patriots, that right there would’ve been your quote of the week. 

And my guy was right. He was dangerous yesterday. Completed his first 13 passes of the game. Went into the half with a perfect passer rating and two touchdown passes. 

And then dropped this in the second half:

Mayfield had a 151.2 passer rating for the game. That’s the highest for a Browns quarterback since Brian Sipe. Are you kidding me? A Brian Sipe reset?  Normally, when we’re comparing current browns q.b’s. To former browns q.b’s we’re comparing them to crappy qb’s like Tim Couch, or Brandon Weeden, Seneca Wallace, Spurgeon Wynn and Johnny Manziel. But you know if Brian Sipe’s name is coming out, something good happened.  And it did.  Really good, actually. 

In the last two games, Mayfield’s completed nearly 75% of his passes for more than 500 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 1 pick. And he’s only been sacked two times. All of the things that rookies are supposed to be struggling with, Mayfield doesn’t seem to be struggling with at all. At least not the last two week.

If you're still having doubts about whether the Browns made the right choice at number one, you should stop having those doubts. I know it's a small sample size and there are plenty of quarterbacks who started their careers on fire and then fell off really quickly. But the combination of Baker and this team and Baker and that city feels unbelievable right now. 

Then again, dude did wake up feeling dangerous.  And the reason he did was because he is dangerous. Better yet, the Browns are dangerous. Yeah, I said it. 

Because it wasn’t all Mayfield. The defense was nasty. They were getting after Matt Ryan. Getting to him. And forcing fumbles. In other words, they were doing what the 2018 Browns defense does.

And the offense was feeling it. Offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens even broke out the wishbone. 

And Nick Chubb broke out the backbreaker in the third quarter. Roll it. 

Second longest run by a rookie in NFL history. When you look at Mayfield, and Chubb, and the weapons at receiver, and the talent on defense, there is a lot to be hyped  about. 

I know they’re 3-6-1, but they sure don’t look like a 3-6-1 team...  They don’t feel like 3-6-1.  Truth is, they’re the best 3-6-1 team in the history of the world.  I’ve never seen or felt the buzz of a 3-6-1 team like I do this one.  I tweeted IT again yesterday when they were trending number in the U.S. on twitter: the Cleveland browns are America’s team.  AND I’ll say it one more time for the people in the back: The Cleveland Browns are America’s Team. 

They wake up feeling dangerous and go to bed knowing they’re America’s team. And C-Town, that has to feel pretty damn good. I know this, I feel pretty damn good about you.  And now my question is, how do y’all feel about yourselves??