Urban Meyer and Gene Smith

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Fell On A Sword?

You are not the victims here. You are the losers here.

August 24, 2018 - 10:52 am

I spent almost all of yesterday’s show on the embarrassment and disgrace that is Urban Meyer and Ohio State. And while they deserve another day of getting smashed up, I was ready to move on. But apparently Ohio State honks aren’t ready to move on.

And I’m not just talking about mouth-breathing Buckeye fans on Twitter. I’m talking about Athletic Director Gene Smith’s attorney, Rex Elliott, who jumped on Facebook yesterday to declare that “two great men fell on the sword for a University they dearly love.” 

Wait, what? Two great men fell on the sword for a University they dearly love? Dude tried to tell Siri what to type and she jammed him, right? Or dude was done in by auto correct, right? Because there’s no way in hell dude just thumbed that out on his phone or hammered it into some keyboard. Has to be a typo. Or a misspeak. Or both. But nope.  It’s not. Dude really went there. Because a little later in the post, Rex wrote: ‘Two men who don't deserve the public flogging but who agreed to take one for the team so this great University can move forward with all of its amazing athletic and academic initiatives.’

Are you freaking kidding me with that. Do we really have to have this debate again?  After we had already started to turn the page on the disaster that is Rub and Ohio State.  You really want to have this discussion all over again? I really want to move. But these tools don’t want to. All right. You want this conversation again? Great. You got it. This is Urban Meyer’s legacy from now on. Whatever he does on the field doesn’t matter, this scandal defines Urban Meyer and Ohio State. 

I know that Rex wants to have his client’s back and wants to make Gene and Urban seem like martyrs so that this “great University can move forward with all of its amazing athletic and academic initiatives.” But isn’t this the same great university that is already dealing with more than 100 allegations of sexual misconduct involving a school doctor? 

Are we talking about the same “great university” that is facing a federal investigation into how the school handled those allegations? 

And is this also the same great university that has a former coach of the Ohio State university diving club being sued for sexually abusing a former athlete? 

And is it the same great university that shut down its Sexual Civility and Empowerment unit after an external review of reports that it did not handle complaints properly?

So when you talk about the university moving forward with all its amazing athletic and academic initiatives, which ones are you talking about? Are you moving forward from this scandal or all of the scandals?

How freaking blind and myopic can you be? 

Are you talking about the same great Urban Meyer who the moment evidence was produced that he lied to the media started deleting text messages? That Urban Meyer? If he did nothing wrong, wouldn’t he want those text messages to prove his innocence?

Are these the same two martyrs, who when Courtney Smith alleged Zach Smith assaulted her in 2015, met and decided to leave the matter to law enforcement instead of telling compliance, as required. And is this the same Urban Meyer, who already knew that Zach Smith had his 2009 incident, but did not tell Gene Smith about that when Smith was hired in 2012 and didn’t mention it when similar allegations arose in 2015?

Is that what you call taking one for the team, and falling on a sword for this alleged amazing institution? And what about that medication induced memory loss that conveniently absolved Urban Meyer of all responsibility for lying to reporters repeatedly at Big Ten Media Days? Did he lie like that because he loved this great university and its academic initiatives? 

The great news, is that medication is now a get out of jail free card and he can wave it any time someone ever questions him about anything ever again, because this “great university” bought that excuse. Trust me, I’m gonna try that. If something doesn’t go my way, I’m going to lie out my ass the way Meyer did, and then just say, I’m not lying, I just remember; you know on the account of my meds at all. I don’t lie. I slam meds. 

And of course, as always happens in this case, Rex Elliott deleted the Facebook post after it went up. 

Oh, as if Gene Smith’s attorney weighing with that garbage wasn’t enough, Zach Smith took a break from visiting strip clubs, buying sex toys, allegedly assaulting women, photographing his junk in the office and the White House to jump on Twitter. But I don’t give a crap about what he had to say. 

Speaking of crap, I used to have the “Piece of Crap Club.” I disbanded it a long time ago, but if I were to re-start it, there would be a lot of scarlet and gray at the first meeting of the Piece of Crap Club. 

Leave it alone, you careless, thoughtless, gutless morons. Just move forward. You are not the victims here. You are the losers here. And every time you talk or complain or defend your guy and your great university, you remind everyone of the losers that you are. 

You are not the victims here. You are the losers here.