Fernando Tatis Jr. Extension

340 million dollars – bam!

Jim Rome
February 18, 2021 - 9:49 am
Fernando Tatis Jr.

USA Today


The news broke last night: Fernando Tatis Jr and the San Diego Padres had agreed to a contract extension. And not just any contract extension, but one of the largest contract extensions in the history of American sports.

14 years – bam!
340 million dollars – bam! 

More than a third of a billion dollars. And I’ll say it right now: and for a lot of you, it’s a reason to go. I said when Patrick Mahomed signed his monster deal and I’ll say it about Tatis: while it is hellafied jack:  he’s still underpaid.

And I’ll say this as well: every other single team in major league baseball should be chipping in on that deal. And they should be hitting their knees every night and giving thanks for Fernando Tatis Jr.

BECAUSE this isn’t JUST about the Padres. This is about the sport of baseball. He is the face of baseball. He’s the most electric player in the game and I say that knowing that Mike Trout and Mookie Betts are in the game.

That’s how good he is.  

And I know the doubters will say: he just turned 22 years old. He’s appeared in a total of 143 major league games. That’s not even a full season. And the team is already giving him a third of a bill?

They’ll say that he’s too much of a show-off. And I’ll say, you’re an idiot. Everything this guy has said and done is about winning. As he said before last season, "We're aiming for the big cake. And why not?”

They’ll say San Diego should’ve waited longer. That Mike Trout was five years older when he got his fat contract. And so was Mookie Betts.

They say San Diego needed more time. And I’ll say it’s about freaking time.

It’s about time we had another major league baseball team that was actually trying to win games. It’s about time we had a major league team that was actually thinking about the standings instead of their bottom line.

It’s about time that MLB teams stopped cutting corners and started trying to compete. Instead of keeping elite prospects in the minors for longer than necessary to jack with their service time and keep them away from big contracts for longer.

And I’ll say this: when you know, you know.

I don’t need five more years to know this guy is the real deal. I needed one moment. And one moment only. And you know what that moment was before I even play it. But let’s roll it anyway.

This guy is must-see tv. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I don’t care who the Padres are playing, what the score is, what inning it is, if Tatis is digging in at the plate, I’m sitting down in front of a tv.

Because you never know what’s going to happen. And the fact that he is in San Diego for more than a decade to come, is awesome. It is really tremendous t news.

Not just for the Padres. Not just for San Diego. But because of what it means for the Padres and the Dodgers. Because that rivalry is about to go to another level. The Dodgers are the defending champs and they’ve added Trevor Bauer and re-signed Justin Turner. They have a stacked lineup and a killer rotation. And. They’re spending money.

The Padres already spent on Manny Machado and now Fernando Tatis Jr. The battle is on. Big brother has a ring, little brother is coming to get one. And the rest of the National League has been put on notice. This could be a golden age for the 5 Freeway.  

If you’re going to complain that Tatis is too young for a deal like this, you’re a dope. In fact, if you’ve got any problem with this deal at all, you’ve got a problem with yourself. This is great for Tatis, great for the Padres, great for Southern California, and great for baseball.

The Padres are aiming for the big cake. And they’ve got a big ass knife, a big ass plate, and a kick ass shortstop who looks like he is going to go down as an all-time great. And if you have a player like that, you don’t jerk with it: you lock him up, pay him what’s worth, and be thankful that someone else was stupid enough to trade him in the first place. Absolutely love the player. And love the deal. Can you tell?