Fernando Tatis Junior Is A Legend

That's the take.

Jim Rome
August 19, 2020 - 10:42 am
Fernando Tatis Jr.

USA Today


Fernando Tatis Junior is a legend. That’s the take. Period. Now, I need your reaction.  Yeah I said it. They don’t call me the butter knife for nothing. Because I have takes.  Takes for days and you have a phone line, so use it. Poway! Oceanside! SeaWorld!  React to my take. Do it now. I said Fernando Tatis Jr. Is a legend. What say you! Answer my question and do it now because I may not be long for this planet….anyway…shout out knife.. . Stay old. As for Tatis: this dude is a legend. At 21. That’s all you really need to know. But I’ll unpack it a little more than that. 

If you’ll recall, on Monday night, he hit a 3-run homer in the 7th inning and then in the 8th inning, with a 7 run lead, he saw a 3-0 pitch and sent it out of the yard.


And the Rangers got all butt hurt about it. All butt hurt after their pitcher made three straight bad pitches and then chased those three balls with an even worse pitch. Apparently, they assumed that because they were terrible at their job, the guy they were going up against, would just STOP DOING HIS JOB. That he just sit there and do nothing when he saw that giant ball of puss come floating right over the middle of the plate. Let me tell you something; just because you can’t do your job doesn’t float Tatis SHOULDN’T DO HIS. And his job was to murder that meatball and that’s exactly what he did. And he absolutely nothing to apologize for. And saying he violated baseball’s almighty code is about the dumbest thing ever: yes, I made that clear yesterday, but I’m making it clear again today. 

Never mind that it would’ve been fine if he was swinging with a 2-0 count or a 3-0 count or if it was a 3-0 count and San Diego was only winning by four runs. Somehow, the stars aligned for that 3-0 pitch with a 7-run lead that means that it doesn’t count and the good team has to stop playing for a few moments while the bad team gets some help and ego protection.

That’s essentially what the Rangers were saying after the game when they talked about the code and all that garbage. And that’s definitely what they were saying when a Rangers reliever threw a pitch at Manny Machado, San Diego’s next batter after the Tatis grand slam.

MLB suspended Ian Gibaut three games and Rangers manager Chris Woodward one game and fined them both an undisclosed amount.

Woodward served his suspension in yesterday’s game, but Gibaut is appealing, so he was available yesterday. That’s important and I’ll get to that in a moment. 

Because in the first inning of yesterday’s Padres-Rangers game, San Diego loaded the bases. And then Wil Myers stepped into the box another Padres grand slam. But don’t worry, it was on a 2-2 pitch, so that’s allowed. The Rangers are okay with that. San Diego didn’t breaking any idiotic unwritten code by trying to play well in the first inning of the game. 

Then, in the fourth inning, things got even better because with one man on, the Friars went yard again. 

Now it’s 6-0 and you have to wonder when the Padres would be told they couldn’t compete anymore. When was someone going to consult the invisible book with the unwritten rules to make sure it was still okay to play baseball and try hard?

The next two Padres struck out, then came the legend, Fernando Tatis Jr. He singled to left. Machado followed him with a walk. Now Tatis is on second, Machado on first, Gibaut comes in from the bullpen. 

Ian Gibaut is the guy who threw behind Machado after the Tatis grand slam. You remember him right? Well, Fernando sure does.

Because he did this.

Hell freaking yes. I absolutely love that. I’ve got your unwritten rules right here. This is what I think of your code. My man just jammed that code right up there….where the sun don’t shy: and it’s the best thing ever.

I know the deal that you’re never supposed to be the first or last out of the inning at third base, so it was a risk. But in this case I just don’t give a damn. Because I love the message he’s sending.  

You have a problem with me hitting a grand slam with a 7 run lead? I see you working...  so I’ll just steal third with a 6 run lead and two outs. Do you like apples? How do you like them apples?  How’s that taste? 

You can take that unwritten rule book and bullcrap code and shove it. Me, I’m just doing my job. Earning my paycheck. I’m not the problem: the 25 butt hurts in the other dugout are.

He didn’t even wait for Gibaut to pitch and try to steal on that. He just ran while Gibaut still had the ball in his hand. That is awesome. And the slide was even better. That was some Neo in the Matrix level stuff to avoid the tag. 

And even more incredibly, that stolen base moved him into a tie for first in the majors in stolen bases. 

That means that your MLB leader in stolen bases is Fernando Tatis Jr.


The MLB leader in home runs: Fernando Tatis Jr.

The MLB leader in RBI: Fernando Tatis Jr.

The MLB leader in runs…wait for it: Fernando Tatis Jr.

And the MLB leader in awesome is Fernando Tatis Jr. That’s not something you measure with Statcast, that’s something you measure by watching games. And this guy is giving you a reason to watch baseball and to care about baseball.

And while the old fools in the game who want to preserve the code and get bent out of shape when someone does something interesting or celebratory or fun, AND keep on trying to kill the game with their moronic ideas, Tatis is out there single handedly trying to save the game. And clown the dopes who are ruining it. 

His best contribution to baseball this year isn’t the fact that he’s leading the majors in four major categories, it’s that he’s leading the majors in the most important category: destroying the unwritten code. Time ran out on that stupid invisible book a long, long time ago. Replace it with something newer and something better. And stop crying about the single best reason to watch baseball right now: Fernando Tatis Jr.