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The Freaking Brew Crew

Have you sent some flowers down to Jetes for gifting you Yelich?

September 27, 2018 - 11:41 am

With so many crazy storylines going down in baseball right now, sometimes it's hard to keep track. The senior circuit is having an all-time September. The NL West is a freaking war. The central is a coin flip. 

If you're killing baseball for being boring until the calendar turns to October, then you're not paying attention. Because every night teams are living and dying. And last night, one team made it official. They're gonna be living the high life well into October. The freaking brew crew: 

Wisco, how you feeling about your crew? Have you sent some flowers down to Derek Jeter for gifting you Christian Yelich? Because that trade was bouqing awesome for the Brewers, but sure looks like the worst deal ever for captain clearance rack. 

Christian Yelich is a monster. Christian Yelich is looking more and more like your National League MVP. Christian Yelich could be the next Robin Yount. The Cardinals were so scared of this dude they gave him the Barry Bonds treatment last night. After he knocked in six runs to beat them the night before they walked him five times last night. And Jeets sent that dude -- a centerfielder in his prime on a ridiculously team-friendly contract -- to the Brewers for what amounts to a bag of balls and a couple fungo bats. 

Look, I’m not a scout. I'm not gonna tell you that the dudes on the Marlins farm aren't going to pan out in 2021. But what I will tell you is that the prospects Jeets got in return for a guy who is gonna stack silver sluggers, gold gloves, all-star bids and maybe even a couple of MVPs are strugggggling.  

Lewis Brinson might crack the Mendoza line. Monte Harrison is hitting .240 in Double-a. Isan Diaz hit .232 this year. Again, I’m not crystal balling what these guys are gonna do down the line, but what they're doing now is a whole lotta nothing, while Yelich is putting the great state of Wisco on his back and looking to rip that division title away from the Cubbies. 

So while the Brewers popped bottles and celebrated their first playoff berth since 2011 last night, they're not done. And maybe that's why all sorts of hell and mayhem is breaking loose in the bleacher seats at Wrigley; they understand the Brewers might put them into a one-and-done wild card game. 

Four nights left. And the only thing I know for sure about the national league is that Derek Jeter might have traded the last two MVP’s away. Shake it off, Jeets. Hit it with some purrell. Because that'll happen. Happens to you all the time.