Khris Davis

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The Freaking Oakland A’s

I'd welcome the A's to the party but they are the damn party right now.

August 06, 2018 - 5:15 pm

Remember back, like, a month ago—when the brightest minds in baseball said every playoff spot in the American League had been wrapped up before the All-Star Break? Yeah—well neither do the freaking Oakland A’s. 

And if you’ve cracked the fish wrap or peeped the standings lately—you’ll see an A’s squad that’s pulled right up on the Mariners and isn’t too far back of the Yankees either.

Don’t look now, Seattle—but that eight game lead for the second Wild Card spot you had at the beginning of the month has officially been burned down to one. And as much as you want to make that about the Mariners—it’s way more about the A’s. Because the A’s are 27-7 since June 15th. And much more importantly they’re 10-2 since their GM, David Forst, swung through the Jungle and ripped a grip of karma back on July 11th. 

And just a few weeks ago the A’s were in no man’s land caught between registering as buyers or seller’s coming up on the trade deadline. But even before running down the Mariners, David Forst loved the group he has this year. 

If they weren’t buyers then—the might be now. Because besides being just a game back on Seattle for the second Wild Card spot—they’re only five and half back of the Yankees for home field advantage in a one game playoff and only six off the Astros for the division. And there’s still 58 games to go.

Baseball being a long season is great for some teams and terrible for others. It’s terrible for teams like the Mariners who have way too much time to blow it—and great for teams like the A’s who have plenty time to charge. Which they’ve done.  

And with Aaron Judge getting his hand exploded last night and set to miss three weeks on the DL—the A’s have become that much more a threat to close in on New York.

No one wants these guys in the rear-view. Not the Astros, not the Yanks, and especially not the Mariners who have a 17-year streak going of missing October. 

I'd welcome the A's to the party but they are the damn party right now. And the American League just got a whole helluva lot more interesting with the A's spinning the tunes and taking over the dance floor.