Free Joe Kelly

Manfred is in over his head.

Jim Rome
July 30, 2020 - 11:19 am
Joe Kelly

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There are more angles to this Joe Kelly situation. Like this take from Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr: "Joe Kelly threw a ball behind Bergman’s head on 3-0 on purpose. Not only did he take it upon himself to send a message, but he wasn't even part of the team during that [2017] season. We knew coming into the game that he likes to go off script. It is what it is. It was done unprofessionally. What he did after he punched out Correa was unprofessional. Running into the dugout was unprofessional.” 

Wait, what? What he said and did after punching out Correa was unprofessional and going to the dugout was unprofessional? Which is it? What would you rather he do – not say anything, but also not go to the dugout? 

Look, I get it. The Astros are going to be on alert all season for guys coming after them. I get it. But Joe Kelly sticking his tongue out and then doing a pouty face was unprofessional? I can’t imagine that an adult would be bothered by a guy making faces at him, so it had to be something he said, right? 

So what did he say that was so horrifying and unprofessional to grown men like Lance McCullers Jr? Is Dusty Baker right, in that Kelly said ‘Nice Swing Bitch’ after he struck out Correa

Get out of here with that. Every single MLB player has heard worse every single time they show up at the park.

And Lance, dude, if you think Joe Kelly talking junk and making faces was unprofessional, wait until you hear about your teammates stealing signs and banging on trash cans. 

That is gonna blow your mind. You are not going to believe the unprofessionalism of that. You are going to be so pissed off when you hear about that, because I know professionalism is so important to you. 

Or are you going to say that was really professional? Are you going to say that making a face at an opposing player is unprofessional, but stealing signs and banging on trash cans and cheating to win a world series is part of the game? And pulling that crap makes you a pro’s pro. Did that really just come out of your mouth??

And when it comes to Joe Kelly this isn’t just my take. Sure, you can say I’m some guy with a microphone who doesn’t understand the code and the secret unwritten rules of the game. That the only guys who truly understand the code, are the guys who play the game.  Great. Fine. Let’s go ahead and check in on the guys who actually play the game. Even more importantly, guys who are on OTHER TEAMS. BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE CODE. AND THEY’RE PISSED.

Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman responded to a tweet from Ken Rosenthal saying: Makes zero sense Ken. He wasn’t even thrown out of the game. MLB siding with/protecting a team that openly and knowingly cheated their way to a World Series. He doesn’t deserve to be suspended at all. Hoping he wins his appeal. Looking forward to seeing you back out there JK! 

Angels pitcher Kenyan Middleton tweeted: YO FREE JOE KELLY

Phil Hughes changed his profile pic to Joe Kelly’s pouting face with the caption: #newprofilepic #americanhero #freejoekelly

Former MLB pitcher Jered Weaver: 8 games! What a joke...MLB is so soft anymore it’s kinda embarrassing.. People should just keep cheating because apparently there is 0 game suspensions for that

Cleveland pitcher Mike Clevinger, fresh off calling MLB’s new extra inning rule “the whackest bleep I’ve ever seen” reacted to the news of Kelly’s suspension with: I can’t believe wtf is going on [in] the MLB right now......I’m just as lost as all of you at home #peopledon’tforget

And when Jon Heyman tweeted that Kelly deserved the suspension, Clevinger responded: And what do the Astros players deserve Jon? Just snitch and walk free and still seem confused as to why everyone is mad?

MLB has to get right in a hurry, because Clevinger’s head is about to explode. We’re haven’t even had a week of games and he’s already seen too much whack bleep. 

And I have too.

Again, those aren’t tweets from Dodger players that I was reading. They’re players from other teams who are hyping Kelly, calling him a hero and saying Free Joe Kelly. That’s incredible. When was the last time anyone who wasn’t a Dodger, hyped a Dodger or the Dodgers. When was the last time? Ever???

So, What does that tell you? That tells you that players are still pissed about how the commissioner handled the Astros. Maybe if he handled it differently, you wouldn’t be hearing from players being all pissed about how the commissioner handled the Astros. 

At every turn, the commissioner and the league is coming up with some new way to jack things up. And dropping an anvil on Kelly is only reminding everyone of how badly the commissioner handled the Astros situation and then the communication about it. 

Remember, not only did he not punish any of them, he also referred to the World Series trophy a “piece of metal.” That is the commissioner of baseball referring to the Commissioner’s Trophy as a piece of metal. 

Baseball is a great game. I love baseball. I am not looking to come in here every day and trash major league baseball. I do not want to be doing that at all. But the commissioner is giving me no choice. Because he and the league office are wrecking this game at every turn. 

They butchered the sign steal scandal years ago, they butchered the punishment of the Astros, they misread the room on how players in the league would feel about that punishment, they made a complete and total mess of this season, they have a team with half its roster testing positive for the virus (but that’s not a nightmare), and now Dodger Joe Kelly is the only player suspended for anything to do with the Astros cheating. 

You know how bad it’s gotten?

For years, you clones have been trying to get me to bring back a certain family. And I’ve long said, that’s from a bygone era. Different time, different place. It simply is not appropriate anymore. 

But I’m telling you, the commissioner is pushing me. Another decision or two like this and The Jungle’s most famous family might make a return. You know the family I’m talking about. You’re familiar with the genus rattus. 

Look, I don’t want to. I’m not looking to do it. But I might not have a choice. 

There was a time when I thought this guy was good at his job. I don’t know what happened to that time. Because everything he’s touched lately has turned to bleep. Instead of growing in the job and getting better at it, he’s somehow gotten worse at it and maybe dumber too. And I say that knowing that he’s a smart guy, but how can a smart guy do so many stupid things? 

I have no idea. But time is a flat circle. Round and round. What goes around comes around. 

And sometimes something old is new again. SOMETHING OLD IS COOL AGAIN. That’s all I’ll say about that for now. I’m not bringing anything back right now. But I’ve got my finger on the button and I’m watching. And waiting. And evaluating.