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Game 1

Boston is Titletown now. All Boston does is win.

October 24, 2018 - 9:50 am

Game One of the World Series went down in Fenway Park last night and at this point, you almost had to wonder how the city of Boston would turn out. After all, this is no longer championship-starved Bahstahn, where the Curse of the Bambino hung over everything that town stood for and got baked into its DNA. 

Boston is Titletown now. 15 parades and counting since Y2K, all commemorated by that smug little kid with the sign that's there to remind you that he's seen 10 parades and just now old enough to get behind the wheel of his old man's sled. 

All Boston does is win. Don't believe me? Just ask someone from Boston. This town has seen so much winning that you legitimately start to wonder if it's almost getting old. 

But not last night. Because the City of Boston showed out. 

It started last week, when Patriots receiver Julian Edelman went on record with some straight-up LA HATE even before Dodgers had clinched. 

TB12 chased that on Monday on WEEI, going on the record with a watered down version of the same thing; still amazing considering that dude never says anything remotely interesting with a mic in his face.  

And then last night, if there was any doubt how Boston would roll out, none other than THE HOOD, Bill Belichick, hopped into a voice-over booth to narrate the freaking open of the national broadcast on Fox.

That's Mr. No Days Off, spending a couple hours off in the studio, hitting the 1s and 2s, and laying down those silky vocals to remind everybody that Boston is about winning championships. 

How do you make history? You win. Championships. Not once, not twice. You win again and again. Everything you do, every day, is about winning." 

This World Series isn't just Boston v LA. Its Boston v everybody. 

The Sox are pulling out the stops. Even  Boston's old man James Taylor got into act, bringing his six-string and getting straight-up melodic with the national anthem: (START at 1:24:

While the Dodgers were standing on the chalk wondering what that grandpa in the sweater was doing putting everybody to sleep, Boston was raging. And by the time Carl Yastrzemski headed to the bump and bounced one to Dustin Pedroia before he took a mulligan, you knew all of Boston was flexing. 

What you didn't know was that the Red Sox would flex harder. 

Because that was a Statement Win. The statement being; we don't even need our best to beat you.  

Chris Sale didn't have his best stuff and it didn't matter. The game got to the Sox bullpen and it didn't matter. Dave Roberts emptied his bench and flexed his bullpen and it didn't matter. 

The Sox lineup was just too good. 

Look, I don’t know that the Dodgers’ best, beats Boston’s best. But I do know without it they have no shot against them. And last night, L.A. was nowhere near its best. Clayton Kershaw, is clearly not the pitcher he used to be, and he doesn’t show up with the best of what he still has left, he doesn’t have a shot; not against this lineup. And if he’s bringing slop with him to the bump, than the defense had better make plays behind him because the last thing you want to do is give the sox extra outs. You know, the very thing David Freese did when he couldn’t handle a foul pop from Mookie Betts in the first inning.  Give Betts a new life and it will come back to bite you in the ass. And it did. Of course he gets a hit, promptly steals second and then comes around to score.

And course, compounding matters is Yasiel Puig playing way too deep in right and then making a very Puig like decision trying to nail the runner at the plate, when he had no chance. Straight bonehead. EVEN FOR PUIG. Batter gets to second because of it and then quickly comes around to score: and the Dodgers are behind 2-0 five batters in. Like I said on twitter. Couldn’t have started any worse for the Dodgers or any better for the Red Sox. 

But the Dodgers hung in and it was still a game in the 7th when Dave Roberts and Alex Cora started moving these chess pieces around the board. Roberts pulls Pedro Baez who was smoking fools as he has the entire postseason, and goes to Alex Wood to get the matchup he was looking for. Cora counters by pinch hitting with Eduard Nunez. And Nunez does what he does, turning on a bad ball and putting the Dodgers in the ground!

Bam.  A three runner, and that move blows up right in Dave Roberts face. Ballgame.  Thanks for coming. See you tomorrow night.

That's a three-run dagger from a dude that was hitting a Buck-87 this postseason. And another Crystal Ball for rookie manager Alex Cora. 

At this point, Cora is wasting his talents on baseball. We need this dude out there solving global hunger. Put Alex Cora in a room with the world's leaders and everybody's walking out happy like 20 minutes later. What this guy is doing this season is absolutely incredible, and last night was just like every other night -- he's pushing the right button at the right time and Boston just keeps on rolling. 

Look, I know it’s One Game. But if you weren't quite sure what the Dodgers were up against, you are now. Because this team is terrifying. They can beat you with pitching. They can beat you with hitting. They can beat you with small ball. They can beat you with the big fly. And they have a freaking wizard in the dugout orchestrating it all. 

One down, three to go for a Red Sox team trying to go down in history. And if you thought Boston was tired of winning, you don't know that city.