Game 2

The Red Sox are answering the bell. The Dodgers aren’t.

October 25, 2018 - 9:59 am

There’s only one way to start this show and that’s with a bitchen little diddy.

Everybody, sing it with me. The one thing that unites us all is that we all love the Red Sox! All right, maybe we DON’T all love the Red Sox. But we all HATE that song, right?

The Red Sox beat the Dodgers 4-2 last night to take a 2-0 series lead. And stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but they scored all four of their runs with two outs. And continued to be absolutely clutch as hell. As I said last night on twitter, the Dodgers flat out cannot get out of an inning. And while the Red Sox cash in nearly every one of their opportunities, the Dodgers really aren’t cashing in any of theirs. 

That’s the difference in this series. The Red Sox are making all the clutch plays, and clutch pitches, and getting the clutch knocks, and the Dodgers are doing almost none of that. I posed the question before the series: does L.A.’s best beat Boston’s best. We’ll never know, because the Sox’ aren’t getting L.A’s best: not their best play and not their best bats, because Dave Roberts and the Dodgers are sticking with what got them here: the match ups: that’s fine. It worked in the regular season. And it worked against the Brewers. Except this isn’t the regular season, it’s the World Series, and these aren’t the Brewers, they’re arguably the best Red Sox team ever; arguably one of the best BASEBALL teams ever. 

The Red Sox are answering the bell. The Dodgers aren’t. Alleged postseason piñata David Price, was nails again. From a guy who allegedly couldn’t get it done in the postseason to Boston’s horse, and ace. That said, while he was pitching a no-hitter through three innings, the Dodgers got to him in the fourth. David Freese single. Manny Machado single. Chris Taylor walk. Bases loaded, no outs. The Dodgers have something working. Now it’s time to blow this open, rip the homefield and we’ve got a totally different series going to back to L.A.

Matt Kemp hits a sac fly and ties the game at 1. Then Kike Hernandez strikes out. Yasiel Puig singles. And then David Price strikes out Austin Barnes. 

The Dodgers led 2-1, but that was another blown opportunity. Maybe even a blown series, because they had a chance to blow it wide open, and didn’t. 

Because as Dave Roberts said, they had Price on the ropes… he was taking punishment, not defending himself, and the ref was leaning in, taking a long look. But Price weathered the storm, they couldn’t’ finish him and he survived the round. And in a series like this, if you get a guy on the ropes, you have to knock him the hell out. And the Dodgers couldn’t. You may hate them and their fans, but you have to respect how freaking tough these 25 are. 

And if you don’t choke them out when you can, they’re taking you out. And they did.  Bottom of the fifth. Ian Kinsler grounds out. Jackie Bradley Jr pops out. And then, with two outs, they went to work.

It was like they looked up at the scoreboard, saw two outs, tasted their own blood, cracked their knuckles and said, let’s do this.

They loaded the bases. And then Dave Roberts went to Ryan Madson and Ryan Madson went arsonist. He committed the cardinal sin of any reliever – walking the first batter. And did it with the bases loaded to tie the game.

And then it went from bad to worse. And that’s the problem when you’re facing this Red Sox lineup. There’s always an MVP or an All-Star or clutch hitter digging into that batter’s box. And this time, it was JD Martinez.  

4-2 Red Sox in the fifth. Ball game, thanks for coming. See you in L.A. and you chowds may as well as give us our love right now because you may not see another game back here. 

Sure, I know it’s just one game. I know it’s just Boston handling their business at home.  And it’s not an actual series until someone loses at home. I know all that. Let me tell you something else I know: that none of that crap applies in this series. That was way more than just one game. Or a team protecting the homefield. Teams that go up 2-0 in the World Series win more than 80 percent of the time. Furthermore, most of those teams were not these Red Sox, so you can bump that 80 percent up even higher, much higher. 

Because through two games, the Red Sox are just a better team. And even though they’re coming home, I don’t the Dodgers are anyone else for that matter beating these Red Sox four times in five games. And if they end up going right through LA., the way they did Houston and the Yankees, get ready to have that conversation about where you slot this team historically. Because if they finish this thing as quickly as it appears they will, there’s no question this is one of the best teams ever. Not the best Red Sox team ever, one of the best major league teams ever.