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Game 7

The final chapter of this absolute WAR between Nashville and Winnipeg.

May 10, 2018 - 11:57 am

Look, life's busy. Work. Family. Staying healthy. Everybody's looking for the right balance. But if you're looking for an excuse to spend a couple hours zippered to the couch tonight, let me give it to you: A Stanley Cup Playoffs Game Seven. 

And not just any game seven. The final chapter of this absolute WAR between Nashville and Winnipeg. Smashville hosting the Peg, with the Preds and the Jets pushing them all in the middle, tonight in Music City. And if you think I'm fired up for this, HELL YES I'm fired up for this. 

Because it takes games like this to remind you that the NHL Playoffs are the best playoffs in sports. And it takes games like this to prove why I’ve been tapped by the hockey gods and been given this inexplicable power. I don't know why I’ve been given this gift. But every day I'm trying to live up to the awesome responsibilities that come with having it. And in addition to telling you that Nashville is winning this war on the way to hoisting Lord Stanley, I'm also telling you straight up -- you're making a huge mistake if you don't cement yourself to the recliner at 8pm Eastern and stay there until after the handshake line. 

Now I'm not going to make this game about me. Some people would. Some guys would roll out and just take the stack of hate I’ve gotten via email and tweets and just read it all for 3 hours straight, knowing that the Preds are doing exactly what I said they'd do. They pulled themselves off the mat after losing Game 1, even though they outshot the Peg 48-19. They brushed off blowing that 3 goal lead in Game 3. And they walked into the toughest barn in hockey and took 2 games from a team that hadn't lost there in 2 months. 

And while I know home ice advantage hasn't meant much in this series, it's going to mean something in Game 7.

So the Preds are going to prove me right tonight. The magician Phil Forsberg is ready. Pekka Rinne got right up north in Game 6. P.K. Subban has been a difference maker on the blue line. And Peter Laviolette's guys have managed to lock down a Jets offense that can light lamps in a hurry. 

So as I look into my crystal ball, I see a few things: A fast start by the Preds, because the team that scored first in this series has won 5 of 6. Disciplined hockey -- staying out of the box, and keeping the Pegs power play off the ice is critical. And the last thing I see if a big, fat CATFISH. Flopping on the ice after the Preds rip a Game 7 win and punch their ticket to the Western Conference Finals. 

Because the Jets missed their chance to choke out the Preds when they had them north of the border. And Smashville's getting the job done tonight. Preds win. And I know this because I'm never wrong.