Gardner Minshew Is Dangerous

This guy literally took the highway—in an RV—to the Danger Zone.

Jim Rome
February 18, 2020 - 10:57 am
Gardner Minshew

USA Today


Back in January I brought up the topic of American’s favorite backup quarterback, making his first big swing, and purchasing a land yacht to drive across the 10 West to see the country his mustache presides over. In case you missed it, here’s Gardner Minshew announcing that RV roadie early last month.

So the dude bought a recreational tank and set out to see America, east to west. And all I asked is that he document the trip because this dude doesn’t really document anything. His Instagram—despite its awesomeness—barely has a pulse. That road trip announcement post was his first in seven weeks at the time. So I said back in January—dude, just roll some tape, snap some pics, keep us posted. And, of course Gardner Beowulf Jockstrap King Minshew The Second did none of that. 

14 day roadie—3 pictures. And I’m not even mad because I’m not surprised. And it says something about a guy who’s too busy living life in the moment to slow down and set up a bunch of Instagram shots. Would I have liked to have seen more? Hell yeah. Everyone would have. But the phrase pics-or-it-didn’t-happen doesn’t apply to Minshew. You know it happened. And you know he was too busy living to care about his phone or his likes. Gotta respect it.

However, the caption to his last photo—which he took at the Grand Canyon—laid out the trip from stop to stop. According to Minshew the trip went from Jacksonville to Mississippi, to Louisiana, to Texas, to New Mexico, to Colorado, to Flagstaff, to Vegas, to Joshua Tree, to Newport Beach and back.

That’s a helluva two week roadie. And thanks to only having three pictures, we know that it included duck hunting in Texas, hiking in the Grand Canyon, and—flying with the Thunderbirds in Vegas

My man went from the RV to the F-16. Remember, in his announcement video he asked for suggestions on what to do on the road. The Thunderbirds saw that video and invited him to Vegas to go airborne in their fighter jets. And, of course, he took them up on that. 

On Sunday, Lieutenant colonel Kevin DiFalco was speaking at a Daytona 500 press conference where the Thunderbirds were in town for pre-race flyovers. He told the media, “We were pretty excited that Gardner took us up on our offer. He did fantastic, he did really well. You could tell he was very motivated. Most of our maneuvers require high G-force pulls, and he did a great job. I was very impressed. On a 1-10 scale, I’ll give him a 10 overall. He was loving all the maneuvers. Some people get a little bit nervous, but he was not nervous at all.”

In other words—Gardner can be his wingman anytime. (INSERT)

Gotta love that Gardner Minshew is a topic at a Daytona 500 press conference with a fighter pilot. Difalco also said, “Sometimes, people may not enjoy rolling maneuvers or high G maneuvers, so everything we do with these media flights is really for them. It’s to showcase what we do in the F-16s. If they’re uncomfortable, we would opt not to perform a certain maneuver. Gardner was excited. He just wanted more and more of every single maneuver.”

Of course he did. He’s Gardner Flint. Some guys don’t want the heat. He wanted the temperature turned up. 

According to DiFalco, the F-16’s G-limit is 9.0 and Gardner was in the bird and pulled the maximum. Which is awesome. And now Nick Foles has beat that guy to keep his starting gig in Jacksonville. 

Here’s to Minshew rolling into Duvall with a Maverick jacket, some dog tags, and aviator sunglasses and having a locker room conversation about being dangerous. 

We might not know as much about that Uncle Rico roadie as we wanted to. But we do know this. This guy literally took the highway—in an RV—to the Danger Zone.