Garrett Watch

Please don't end.

Jim Rome
January 03, 2020 - 1:10 pm
Jason Garrett

USA Today


As GarrettWatch 2019 became GarrettWatch 2020, there was great news on Wednesday night – Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones would be meeting at The Star on Thursday. It was going to be their third meeting in four days and it had me hyped. A hat trick of meetings to talk about who the hell knows?! Stay in the fight, fellas.  Keep meeting. About absolutely nothing. Keep giving us what we want; meeting after meeting with Red about whether or not he gets to stay or not. Never, ever make an actual decision, just keep meeting and talking about it. 

But then came word late last night that that third meeting never happened. Which is brutal. You get us all hyped about a third meeting and then rip the rug on US. This isn’t about Garrett. Or Jones. Or that star on the side of the helmet. This is about US. So give us what the hell he want. That third meeting between Garrett and Jerruh. I made this clear yesterday: I want Jerruh and Red meeting three times a week, every week, talking about whether or not Red has a job: and I want this to continue through the draft into summer and into next season. Because it’s awesome. But not as awesome as this report from Charles Robinson, quote: 

According to multiple sources familiar with a handful of Garrett’s exit interviews, he conducted himself in the same manner as past seasons — thanking players for their contributions in 2019 and then talking about their offseason outlook. Several sources added that in some cases where players had expiring contracts, Garrett went as far as expressing that the Cowboys would have interest in the players returning in 2020.

My man, the clapper! The guy who supposedly has been fired or is about to be fired is just conducting exit interviews with players and talking about next season. Not only talking about next season, but reportedly telling some guys with expiring contracts that the Cowboys would like to see them back next year.  In other words the guy who should be exit interviewed himself, is the one CONDUCTING the exit interviews. 

Those players had to be like, wait, what? Dude, you aren’t going to be back here next year, you might not be here next week, why the hell am I even talking to you?!? And who the hell are you to tell me the team wants me back next year??

I mean…Why stop at the offseason, J? Why not lay out your vision for the 2022 season? 

Another source familiar with the interviews told Robinson: “Jason is so myopic. I think he’s just doing his job like everything is normal because his contract hasn’t expired yet. He’s still under contract so he’s still doing his job like he normally would.”

What a legend. In other words, he’s just acting “as if.” Acting as if he is the head coach and maybe he will get to stay the head coach. You have to dress the part to get the part, and Garrett is dressing and acting his ass off. 

Then again, he’s acting like the head coach because he IS still the head coach. And not only that, but according to Robinson, and this is the real gem of the whole piece: Dallas has yet to reach out to a single outside candidate for an official interview.

Yeah baby… I said it yesterday and I will say it again today: legends are made in January. And Jerry Jones is becoming an absolute legend. 

That is the best. It’s one thing to talk for half the season about the future of your head coach, then have the season end horribly: a season where the owner thought they were Super Bowl caliber and everyone, everywhere, knew the coach had to make a deep run to keep his job: it doesn’t happen: hell, he doesn’t even make the playoffs in one of the worst divisions ever. So the owner finally gets around to having that meeting with the head coach where everyone expects him to be fired, and he’s not. He lives to get a second meeting!!! And then somehow survives that meeting to have a third meeting scheduled.  Incredible. And awesomely dysfunctional. The Cowboys aren’t doing a damn thing and we still can’t take our eyes of them. There are 12 other teams in the playoffs but we’re talking about the one that didn’t even sniff the postseason. Because they can’t decide whether or not to fire a guy who does next to nothing and has done it for a decade. Not only that, but apparently haven’t reached out to a single outside candidate for an official interview. Which makes it pretty much the best thing ever.  I mean, Washington has their coach. Josh McDaniels will be taking meetings in the coming days with the likely outcome that he’s someone else’s coach. The game of musical chairs is starting to run out of seats and the Cowboys haven’t even shown up at the party.

What an absolute circus. Actually, that’s not fair. At least a circus has some action. This has a bunch of meetings and a head coach who everyone thinks is going to be fired or has already been fired, just punching the clock every morning and continuing to work as if he’ll have a job next season. 

I would say this is a horribly run coaching search, but it’s not a coaching search if you aren’t searching for coaches. And if you haven’t gotten rid of the coach that you have. It’s almost like the Cowboys feel like they have a lead in the second half and they’re just running out the clock, both on Garrett’s contract and on all the coaching candidates.

Then came this tweet from Ed Werder: Source: Cowboys Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones have moved slowly and with “abundance of care and respect” for Jason Garrett. That phase expected to conclude soon with Garrett not part of organization. Next phase to involve candidate interviews will begin quickly thereafter.

Great.  Tell me something I didn’t already know. Other than that part of about “abundance of care and respect.”  Which is rich as hell, an “abundance of care and respect” for Garrett? Dragging this out for nearly a week isn’t an abundance of care and respect, that’s letting dude twist. If the plan was to move on, move on. But that hasn’t happened.

Then there’s the next sentence: “That phase expected to conclude soon with Garrett not part of organization.” Since when is there a phase in the firing process? Usually when you get fired, you’re told you’re fired and that’s it. There aren’t phases to it. And the guy getting fired isn’t continuing to show up to work and conducting exit interviews like nothing is going on. 

If he’s going to get fired, as everyone expected back weeks ago, why has it taken so long? And since it’s taken this long, is it too much to ask that it takes even longer? I’ll admit it, Maybe I got greedy when I asked that it go until July, but at least give us until March. 

I want a couple more months of Garrett showing up to work, conducting strange exit interviews, and meeting with Jerry and Stephen about random crap.  This isn’t about an abundance of care and respect for Garrett: this is about an abundance of care and respect for me. And everyone outside that building. You finish what you started, Jerruh, and by that, I mean, never ever finish meeting with the clapper. You want us looking at you and talking about you, then you just keep doing you: you actually do have this right: because if not for this, we’d be talking about your crappy, underachieving team and how you just wasted another year of our time and your life. So get on the blower and get that ginger back to the facility, because ya’ll sure as hell aren’t doing talking yet.