Geoff Collins

Georgia Tech football coach joined Jim.

Jim Rome
September 16, 2020 - 1:21 pm
Geoff Collins

USA Today


Info & Stats: Georgia Tech Head Football Coach

All Topics: Building something special in his hometown | COVID 19 pandemic | Finally being able to play football | Playing Florida State | Beating Florida State 16-13 | Getting emotional as clock ran down to 0 against the Seminoles | Club 1010| This program had to get bigger and stronger this past off-season | Culture 

Sept 16th 2020

Jan 28th 2019

All Topics: Radio Row | Its surreal to be the head coach at Georgia Tech right now | Working for George O'Leary | Recruiting for O’Leary | His time at Georgia Tech earlier in his career | Culture, culture, culture | Wanting to have a fun atmosphere | Game Of Thrones workout | JUICE | Working for Nick Saban | Urban Meyer tree | Kids no if you are genuine or fake now-a-days | Dak Prescott | Big Waffle House guy | 2019 Season