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Get A Life, Losers

Yes, Yankee fans were booing Giancarlo Stanton in his home debut.

April 04, 2018 - 10:18 am

Let’s jump into the wayback machine for a moment and go all the way back to March 29th, 2018. To give you a taste of what life was like back then, God’s Plan by Drake was the number one song on the charts and Pacific Rim Uprising was tops at the box office. Gas was 2.65 a gallon. Oh, and Giancarlo Stanton hit two home runs in his Yankee debut and was a god. 

Fast forward to yesterday and Stanton made his home debut in pinstripes. And let’s just say it didn’t go quite as well.

Strikeout swinging in the first

Strikeout looking in the third

Strikeout swinging in the fifth

Strikeout swinging in the seventh.

And then this in the eighth.

Five strikeouts. Let’s be honest. Five k's in your home debut is awesome if you’re a pitcher, but terrible if you’re a batter. Just a brutal way to open your account at home. 

But the platinum sombrero wasn’t nearly the worst part of it. Not even close. The worst part was the booing. Yes, Yankee fans were booing Giancarlo Stanton in his home debut. On April 3rd. In a game they won by 7 runs. And they were booing him.

It is simultaneously the most absurd and most predictable thing ever. Yankee fans gonna Yankee fan. And I have one question: what is wrong with you? No, let me rephrase that: what is wrong with you losers? 

And I don’t use that term lightly. I’m not looking to come in here and call people losers, but if you booed Giancarlo Stanton last night, you are a loser. There are no two ways around it. If you boo a guy in his home debut, you are a loser. I’m not going to try to tell you that he had a great game yesterday. He didn’t. He had a horrible day. Probably his worst day ever. But honestly, the way Didi Gregorius played, it didn’t matter. Stanton went 0 for 5 and the Yankees still put up 11 runs. That’s not a reason to boo, that’s a reason to party. 

I thought Yankee fans were supposed to be great baseball fans. Because if they really were great baseball fans, they would know that days like that happen for Stanton. They would know that he averages more than a strikeout per game. That’s a small price to pay for a guy who can hit 60 homers and win the MVP. But if you boo him, you don’t come across like a great baseball fan, you come across like an entitled loser. 

And the worst part is, I’m guessing those clowns would probably justify it by saying something like they felt like they had to do it to keep their reputation as Yankee fans. Or that they were doing it to make him a better player. I didn’t want to boo him, but I felt like I had to in order to inspire him to greatness. If anything, he should be thanking me.  Phillie fans booed Mike Schmidt one of the greatest third basemen, and not just once by the way. And ask them why they did it, they’ll tell you to make him better. They’ll tell you, THEY’RE the reason Schmidt is in Cooperstown, not Schmidt himself. Maybe thank Yankee fan is just trying to get Stanton his bust. That. Or you’re a loser. 

And you know what, classy guy that he is, Stanton practically was thanking them afterwards: “I was awful today.” And adding “You put up a performance like that you should get some boos.”

I totally respect your opinion, but agree to disagree, G. You may have been terrible yesterday, but the people booing you were even worse. You were trying to do your job. And if I had to guess, there’s a chance that you were pressing because you were trying to make a good impression on your home debut. That’ll happen. Nights like that will happen to just about everyone who isn’t Ted Williams or Tony Gwynn. The people who should be booed are the people who were doing the booing. They don’t deserve you.

The guy had two homers in the season opener on Thursday and they were clearing space in Monument Park for him. Less than a week later, they’re booing him at home. It’s freaking April 3rd. I get it if we’re in August and it feels like he’s been dogging it all year.

But if you’re going to boo, boo based on effort, not on results. If we’re more than 100 games into the season and he’s not running out ground balls and waving weakly at pitches, then crush the guy.

But April 3rd? APRIL FREAKING THIRD?!?  

In other words, what I’m saying is: settle the hell down. And get a life, losers.