New Orleans Saints Fans

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Get Over It, Saints Nation

It’s time to stop.

January 24, 2019 - 11:31 am

It’s the Thursday after the NFC Championship game. The Thursday after the New Orleans Saints were absolutely jammed in one of the worst non-calls you’ll ever see in any sport. It’s Thursday, and it’s time to stop. 

I hate to say it, Saints fans, but it’s over. The game isn’t going to be replayed. It’s not even going to be re-started from the moment where Nickell Robey-Coleman nearly decapitated Tommylee Lewis. 

It happened. It’s unfair. It’s over.

I get it. It sucks. You’re not going to get that taste out of your mouth anytime soon. It’s horrible. 

But please, stop it with everything. I’m not interested in one member of Congress from Louisiana telling TMZ that they need to have a makeup game this Saturday. 

And I’m not interested in another saying that Roger Goodell should come before a congressional committee. I don’t know if it was a joke and I don’t care.  

I’m not interested in the governor sending a formal complaint to the league. 

I’m not interested in the various lawsuits that have been suggested. 

I’m not interested in the churches that are distributing penalty flags to throw during services. 

If it’s a joke, it’s not funny. And if it’s not a joke, it’s embarrassing.

Or the eye doctors and bakeries making pub grabs. It’s tired. It’s lame. And it’s stupid. Seriously, I know it hurts. I get it. It hurts to come that close to a Super Bowl and then lose. And hurts even more when you were completely robbed.

But…It’s time to move on. Because at this point, the more complaints there are and the wackier they become, the less sympathy people have. In other words, to paraphrase a wise man, you’re not helpin’ ‘em, you’re hurtin’ ‘em. And I don’t want to be talking about it on the radio, man. 

I know that losing that game is the worst... You’re in mourning. I get that. I get that there are five stages of grief and that everyone grieves in their own way, but try to do it in a way that’s not so LAME.

Try to do it in a way that isn’t really about you getting your name or your company on the local news. If you and your co-workers are sitting around and one employee says, “hey, you know what would be a great way to capitalize on this blown call –“ stop the conversation right there. Break that person off right there.

If I’m looking for an eye doctor and I see one who was offering hilarious free eye exams because of a missed call, I’m moving right on by. That office could have five thousand five-star reviews on Yelp and I’m rolling right on past, because I want my eye doctor to be better than some whack promo gags. Same for you, bakeries. 

And don’t get me started on the elected officials. You know there’s always that moment in the build up to a big game when the mayors of the two cities involved, and sometimes even the two governors of the states involved, make a dopey bet involving local food. 

I’ll bet ten pounds of this local food that our city is known for against your ten bottles of local beverage that your city is known for. And everyone thinks it’s great. See, that politician is just like me. They care about sports. This is fun! 

It’s not. 

It’s stupid. And tired. And lame. It was never cool.

But the only thing worse than that is the mayor or governor or member of congress making a bet before the game is that mayor or governor or member of Congress trying to win favor with voters by writing a formal complaint or trying to subpoena some league official to justify a bad call. Bad calls happen. In sports and in life. And if you’re over the age of 9, you get over it.

So get over it, Saints fan. Saints eye doctor. Saints bakery chef. Saints politician. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying you can do it quickly. But I am saying you can do it without being an idiot. And right now, this all looks really idiotic.