Dave Gettleman


The Giants Failed At The NFL Draft

Dave Gettleman got outsmarted by the Washington Redskins.

April 29, 2019 - 11:21 am

All seven rounds are in the books, but the No. 6 pick in the draft is still the talk of the NFL Draft. And Dave Gettleman wants you to know that he 100%, most definitely, absolutely, without a doubt, didn't reach for Daniel Jones. 

Just ask him.

"'Why didn't you wait until 17?' Well, I know for a fact, that there were two teams that would've taken him in front of 17," said Gettleman. "I know that for a fact ... it wasn't easy for me to pass up Josh Allen. For me, with my background, it was very very difficult. But I think that much of Daniel Jones." 

So there you have it. According to Davey G, if he didn't snatch Dan Jones with pick number six, he was gone before 17. If he didn't take him at 6, he wouldn't have even had a chance to take him later. 

Yes, there was a 6-foot-5, 262 pound pass-rushing freak who ran 4.6 at the combine on the board. Yes, that dude had 17 sacks last year in the SEC. Yes, he slid right into the Giants' lap. Passing on that dude wasn't easy, just ask DG, who claimed it wasn't easy to pass on Josh Allen.

But the Giants got their guy. And according to Gettleman, they got the guy two other teams wanted, too. 

And he knows it for a fact. 

Look, if we're throwing out facts, let's just throw out one more. That fact being: If you're defending yourself the day after the NFL Draft then you're doing it wrong. 

If you like the pick, own the pick. If you think Daniel Jones is your franchise quarterback and the guy you're running out of the tunnel for the next decade, do what you did after you made the pick; hold another press conference where you forget everybody's name, mumble a bunch, and then tell everybody about how you fell in love at the Senior Bowl. 

Because defending a pick,  that nearly everyone hates,  instead of owning it and turning the page, and not going all rabbit ears with it, only opens you up to even more criticism, something you, as a GM, should never get hooked by; especially in that town. But you did and couldn’t resist defending the pick and letting us all of know how uninformed we are because you quote, "know for a fact" that two teams were going to take your quarterback. Say that, and naturally, people are going to wonder who those two teams were; and if someone else out there actually had Daniel Jones rated as high as you did. 

And sure enough, There are multiple reports floating out there that Gettleman was concerned that both the Broncos and Redskins had interest in Jones. Fine. Except for one thing: there are also  multiple reports out there that neither the Broncos or the Redskins had any interest in Jones at all. That it was all a smoke screen. 

Hell, on Friday, news broke that Gettleman was worried that Jones might not even be there for them at six. According to SNY, "the Giants were even sweating out the first few picks of the draft, worried that Jones wouldn't even make it to 6."

If you think New York is losing its mind over taking Daniel Jones at six, can you imagine what they'd do if the Giants traded up to get Daniel Jones? The reaction to picking Jones at six was already savage, but could you imagine Gettleman, in the fog of war, getting so spooked that Washington was going to trade up with the Jets or Raiders, that he made that move? 

That's where the Giants are at right now. They've got a GM that got freaking deked by the Redskins, allegedly. The Giants used to be one of the best run franchises in professional sports. Now, they're a team that just got turned inside out by Dan Snyder and have a GM who spent an entire press conference calling his starting quarterback by the wrong first name. 

Bottom line: The way this draft shook out, it's almost impossible to believe that anybody had Daniel Jones ranked anywhere near as high as the Giants did. 

Not the Redskins, who stayed at 15 and landed Dwayne Haskins. Not the Broncos, who had Drew Lock fall in their laps in the second round. And not the Dolphins, who looked like geniuses when they turned the 48th pick into Josh Rosen, a 6th round pick, AND a 2020 2nd rounder. 

Put the shovel down, Dave. Stop doing press conferences. Because the more you keep talking about picking Jones at 6, and trying to defend it, the worse you look.