Urban Meyer and Zach Smith

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The Greatest Wideout Coach Of All-Time

You’d think Zach Smith was Earle Bruce himself and not Earle’s grandson.

August 14, 2018 - 9:38 am

Hey, it’s been a minute since there’s been an update on Urban Meyer, Zach Smith, and Ohio State football, so let’s check in on that. And let’s start with a report from the Toledo Blade that Zach Smith was arrested and charged with drunken driving in 2013. Fantastic.

And even better than Zach Smith, wide receivers coach for THE Ohio State, being arrested for DUI was the fact that he says that he did not inform Urban Meyer of the fact that he was arrested and charged with drunken driving.

But the incident did happen on February 23rd, 2013. How do I know that? Because the Toledo Blade posted the arrest report. And the report includes the regular details like his place of employment, Ohio State University, why he was pulled over, and an inventory of the items in the car, like 2 cell phone chargers, 1 ignition key, miscellaneous clothing, miscellaneous sealed bottled beer, miscellaneous footwear, and one container of “Libido Max” supplements.

So Zach Smith, wide receivers coach at The Ohio State University, is pulled over at 2:43am for doing 67 in a 50. According to police, his eyes were “red and glassy. There was a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle.” And he never told Urban Meyer about it. 

The charges were ultimately reduced and even better than that, according to Brett McMurphy, the “Judge that reduced Zach Smith’s 2013 drunken driving charges is a 1968 Ohio State graduate & member of The Ohio State University President’s Club”

Nice job, everyone. Really nice job. Really well done. And not dirty at all. 

Even better, when Nebraska wide receivers coach Keith Williams was arrested for DUI in 2016, Smith, who according to the Omaha World-Herald had “occasionally engaged in a Twitter rivalry with Williams” appeared to take a shot at Williams on twitter. So a guy who had been arrested for DUI three years earlier, was taking a run at a rival coach who was arrested for DUI? Classy. Classy as hell.  

And yes, Buckeye honks, I know what you’re thinking before you say it: if Zach Smith didn’t tell Urban Meyer about the DUI, how could Urban Meyer have done anything about it? And that’s a fair point. Here’s another fair point: is it not the head coach’s job to know everything? Didn’t know about it? Or didn’t want to know about it. 

Urban Meyer is always the smartest guy in the room, smartest guy on the planet not named Jim Harbaugh. Meyer walks around like a rocket scientist… except when it comes to Zach Smith. Then he’s really dumb or really ignorant or both. 

Because a picture of Smith has emerged and it’s of a guy who was having one run-in with law enforcement after another and apparently, it just didn’t matter. Not to Urb, anyway.  Check Smith’s rap sheet:

2009 – Arrested for aggravated battery after allegedly shoving his pregnant wife against a wall

2013 – Arrested for drunk driving

October 2015 – Report filed against Smith for domestic violence and felonious assault

November 2015 – Report filed against Smith for menacing by stalking

May 2018 – Smith charged with criminal trespass 

July 2018 – Smith’s ex-wife files for an order of protection

Meyer allegedly didn’t know about the DUI because Smith never told him. He claims he didn’t know about the 2015 incident, even though Smith’s ex-wife has shared what appears to be text messages between her and Urban Meyer’s wife about the incident. So we’re to believe that Urban Meyer’s wife Shelly knew about it, but Urban didn’t? Shelly knew, but didn’t bother telling Urb. Didn’t tell Urb that a couple they were allegedly counseling had another meltdown… she just kept that little detail from her husband. Oh Okay. Sure. That’s cool. Nothing strange about that. 

Zach Smith must really be the greatest wide receivers coach ever the way he kept skating. The way people covered for him, you’d think he was Earle Bruce himself and not Earle’s grandson. Or Bruce, Woody Hayes, the Sweater, Jim Tressel and Urb all rolled into one. 

And the drunk driving arrest brings that back up again – how much was being covered up here in order to keep this dude around? Because it sure seems like a hell of a lot. And if this is what we now know, how much don’t we know?

And how much is THE Ohio State University willing to put up with? I get it. Urban Meyer is a hell of a coach. But at what point do you say, enough is enough. We won football games before Urban Meyer and we’ll win games after Urban Meyer, but we’re going to make a statement about our values right now. Because for a while now, the actions and inactions have made statements about THE Ohio State University's values and those statements have said that keeping an assistant with an alleged history of domestic violence and who gets smashed and then gets behind the wheel of his car… is more important than just about anything else. 

And what about Urb. What about Urb?! This is the same guy who said at his introductory press conference at Ohio State that part of the reason he left Florida was quote…. “I didn't like the state of college football. A lot of stuff going on. I'd hear about all kinds of things going on. And I just didn't want to be a part of that.”

My man, you had more than 30 players arrested at Florida. You’ve had an assistant coach with one run-in with the law after another and still kept his job. You don’t like the state of college football? You are the state of college football!