Greg Robinson Arrested

He’s an even worse drug dealer than he was offensive tackle. Allegedly.

Jim Rome
February 20, 2020 - 9:49 am
Greg Robinson

USA Today


When the news broke yesterday of Browns offensive tackle Greg Robinson and former NFL receiver Quan Bray being arrested with what TMZ referred to as “a lot” in all caps of pot in their vehicle, I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I’ve been down this road before. 

Even when you hear about someone facing a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute, that can be really deceiving. Because sometimes, the headlines make it sound like it was something big and really it’s just slightly more than can be justified for personal use. And honestly, it’s a letdown.

SO… I never rush in…and I always manage my expectations.  And remind myself constantly to be patient and just wait for the official announcement from the authorities. And late yesterday, it came, quote:

“In El Paso today, federal authorities files a criminal complaint against 27 year old Gregory Keith Robinson and 26 year old Jaquan Bray for conspiring to possess with intent to distribute marijuana” Okay, that is a start. But as always, it’s going to come down to the details.

According to the press release: “on Monday evening, the defendants approached the Sierra Blanca Checkpoint Station, where a US Border Patrol canine united alerted on their vehicle. Agents asked the driver (Bray) to park the vehicle in the secondary inspection area for further investigation. A subsequence inspection of the vehicle by agents revealed the presence of approximately…157 POUNDS OF MARIJUANA inside several large duffle bags in the rear cargo area.”

157 pounds? ONE HUNDRED FIFTY SEVEN POUNDS?!? That is the weight of an adult male. Greg Robinson was just rolling around with Manny Pacquaio’s body weight in weed in the back of his SUV. And then some. 

157 pounds is a lightweight UFC fighter before a weight cut. That weed would have to get into a sauna and drop two pounds before it would be allowed in the cage with Khabib. And this guy is just driving around with it in his vehicle. 

157 pounds is more than I weigh. I would have to hit a few In-N-Out shakes to ding the scale with what he’s got in the back of his truck. 

But before you start saying that he’s the next Pablo Escobar, depending on the quality of the product, he was driving with anywhere between $300,000 and $750,000 in marijuana. That seems like a lot. 

Until you consider that Greg Robinson’s salary with the Browns last season was $5.5 million, before roster bonuses.

In other words, he was driving around with roughly a game check worth of chron. And now he’s facing the possibility of 20 years in prison. What a dumbass. As always, I hope that was worth it. And of course, it’s not. This guy is looking at possibly doing 20 in the joint, when he was an active NFL’er like 20 minutes ago. 

He’s an even worse drug dealer than he was offensive tackle, and he was a terrible offensive tackle. Because the details of this amazing.

According to the affidavit in support of the complaint, they weren’t just found with duffle bags full of vacuum-sealed plastic bags of marijuana. They were also found with the following: 23 glass mason jars, a “very large and very heavy Automatic 420 single-ended electric-can sealer,” an electronic scale, and approximately $3,100 in cash.

Pretty hard to get away with the “personal consumption” defense when you’ve got an adult’s body weight of the lettuce vacuum-sealed in duffle bags and even harder when you’ve got a scale, 23 mason jars, and a jar sealer with you as well. That’s like a mobile office. Hell practically a mobile meth lab, except it was pot. 

That’s not quite Nate Newton getting pulled over with 213 pounds of weed, getting charged, getting released on bond, and then getting pulled over six weeks later with 175 pounds of weed, but its close. You’re aren’t knocking on Nate Newton’s door, but you’re in his neighborhood. He sees you and his respects you, Greg Robinson. 

And it’s about to get even more ridiculous. Because Robinson and Bray weren’t the only two people in the vehicle. There was a third person. 

Let me go back to the press release for this detail:

“The complaint affidavit further states that Robinson rented the vehicle in Los Angeles on Sunday and had arranged for a third individual in the vehicle, an Uber driver he had met in 2018, to drive him and Bray to Louisiana.” 

The third individual, the Uber driver Robinson met in 2018, is referred to in the affidavit as Passenger 2. And this individual, who has not been charged, said that he or she met Robinson in Louisiana in 2018 and Robinson paid him or her to do some extra driving and run some errands. For this trip, Robinson told Passenger 2 that he and a friend would be going from LA back to Louisiana and Robinson would pay for Passenger 2 to drive them, as well as cover hotel and flight for Passenger 2. 

Robinson picked up Passenger 2 at a Motel 6 near LAX at 5am on Monday and when Passenger 2 tried to put his or her bag in the back of the vehicle, Bray grabbed it and put it behind the passenger seat instead.

Just so we’re clear – they are driving 157 pounds of marijuana from California to Louisiana. With an Uber driver. 

Greg, what were you doing? Just taking all the pot in California and moving it to Louisiana? 

And how the hell do you get to the Sierra Blanca Checkpoint if you’re going from California to Louisiana?

I know it’s tempting to just get on the 10, head east, and put it on cruise control, but if you’re driving with Conor McGregor in weed in the back, maybe you go a little further north and, I don’t know, avoid any areas where there are checkpoints and drug sniffing dogs?!?

Well, funny you should bring that up, because Passenger 2 claims that at one point when they were driving, Passenger 2 was a little over the speed limit. A police car turned on its lights, Robinson and Bray started getting “very nervous” and but the police car pulled over a different vehicle. Then Robinson asked Passenger 2 to look for the US Border Patrol Checkpoints were on the Maps app. 

Passenger 2 said that as they approached El Paso, Robinson said that Passenger 2 was looking tired and Robinson told Bray to drive. At that point, Robinson started to “coach” Passenger 2 to on what to say if they were pulled over and to tell the authorities that he or she was a US citizen. Passenger 2 said he or she was not a citizen, but has a residency card. 

“Passenger 2 stated that as they approached the US Border Patrol Checkpoint, both Bray and Robinson became very nervous.” Really? Why? Because they had a body’s worth of pot in the back and there were drug sniffing dogs? That would make you nervous?

 And here’s where it gets really good. “Passenger 2 stated that Robinson told him/her “will you take it? I will pay you.” Passenger 2 stated that he/she said “what do you mean?” To which Robinson replied, “There’s a lot of marijuana, can you take it?”

Freaking awesome. Absolutely outstanding. Attaboy, Greg Robinson. You are the man. You’re driving with 157 pounds of weed, you’re getting busted, and you turn to the Uber driver and say, “can you take it?” 

Buddy, you aren’t asking someone to hold a bag for you. You’re asking them to hold duffle bags for you. 157 pounds in duffle bags. You don’t ask an Uber driver to do that. 

Hey, can you do me a solid? Can you say that 157 pounds of weed is yours? Just pick me up, homeslice: say it’s yours, do the 20 year stretch for me,  and I swear, sear,  I’ll give you a five star rating and a nice tip. I got you, my man. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Greg Robinson is even a worse drug dealer than he was an offensive tackle. And he was one of the worst offensive tackles.  He was bad at football, but even worse at drugs.

Now he’s a draft bust and a drug bust – heyyyyyy-ooooooooo!!!!! 

And right now, Rob Manfred is the happiest man in America because for a moment, the spotlight is off him. And Greg Robinson makes the commissioner look like he has his bleep together.