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Gronk’s New BFF

The Hood just got HYPED.

April 05, 2018 - 12:51 pm

This has already been an incredible offseason in the NFL. The Rams building that bully in the NFC West. Kirk Cousins changing the game by signing a fully guaranteed 84-million dollar deal with the Vikings. And multiple teams making moves to get in position to draft their quarterback of the future. 

But lurking in the shadows is the Patriots. The Hood has everybody's attention. For letting Danny Playoff walk. For not matching the Giants offer on Nate Solder. And for flipping Brandin Cooks to the Rams for that first rounder. That's a lot of dry powder for the Pats. That's 2 picks in each of the first two rounds, and don't think for a second NFL teams aren't wondering what the hell the Hood has up his sleeve. My guy Mike Freeman got this quote from an anonymous NFL Front Office executive: 

“Whenever Belichick makes a trade, the whole league gets nervous. Teams always wonder, ‘What does he know that I’m missing?’ He’s in a lot of people’s heads.”

But I'm not missing anything. I see the Hood working. And I just saw the Hood make another huge move. Ian Rapoport broke the news yesterday via Twitter.

The Patriots have agreed to terms with the former Arizona Cardinal (tight end) Troy Niklas on a 1-year deal. 

HELL. YES. You want big moves? Find me one bigger than a 6-foot-6, 270-pound block of granite. You want to see the league get nervous, line up Gronkasaurus Rex on one side of the line of scrimmage and Bad Boy Troy on the other. 

The Hood just got HYPED. The Hood may as well have just ripped his shirt off. 

Look, I know they're probably going to make a couple other crazy deals between now and the draft, but I sure as hell can tell you that none of them are going to have the impact that this one will. Troy and Gronk on the same field? Troy and Gronk in the same weight room? I know the Hood doesn't like to show us anything that's happening behind the walls at 1 Patriot Place, but at the very least give us a live feed of Chest Day. How do you make Gronk happy? By signing his clone. These two dudes are gonna be like brothers.

Look, I was going to love this move regardless. Any chance you have to sign Jungle Royalty you have to do it. But I legitimately love this move from a football perspective, too. Because Troy is a monster. Had he stayed healthy he would've been a weapon in Arizona. And if he can stay healthy in New England, he's got a chance to be a tremendous two-way tight end for the Pats, both as a pass catcher and as a run blocker. 

Good luck pitching this dude on the TB12 method. Does the TB12 method including doing power cleans shirtless while listening to Metallica? Didn't think so.

Unbelievable move by the Hood. New England just got HYPED. And while the rest of the league might see this as under the radar, it's the signing of the offseason in my books.