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Gronk Trade Rumors

So why wouldn’t the Rams trade for Gronk?

March 30, 2018 - 11:48 am

And today in Odell Beckham trade rumors. Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley said… you know what? I can’t. I just can’t. There has been so much noise and smoke around this story with so little actually happening that I can’t bring myself to get into it again today. 

I’m betting you can guess what Todd Gurley said – that he’d welcome Beckham to the Rams. OF COURSE HE WOULD. IT’S ODELL BECKHAM. WHAT OFFENSIVE PLAYER WOULDN’T WANT TO PLAY WITH HIM!?!?!?! 

So instead of continuing to beat that story into the ground, let me turn my attention to another NFL story, this one from Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal about Rob Gronkowksi and the possibility of him being traded…grrreeeattt!

Is this how it’s going to be from now until the draft? Are we just going to go through every single roster and talk about how every single team could trade every single player and how all of them are rumored to be going to the Los Angeles Rams. Because according to Bedard, that might be one of the landing spots for Gronk. 

After talking with a “Bill Belichick-friendly source,” Bedard writes that the possibility of Gronk being traded has its roots in the fact that when a player starts making noise about maybe not coming back, Bill Belichick starts thinking about life without that player. And then starts actually living life without that player and then sometimes he trades that player. And “the longer Gronkowski goes without saying he’s all in, the chances of him being traded increases, the source said.

Sources from two teams that would make sense for Gronkowski said they absolutely would be interested if Belichick called. “He’d be perfect for us,” one said.

Likely haul in return: possible late first-round pick if the team has it, but more likely a high second-rounder and a third.” 

Really? A team, no, multiple teams, would be interested in the most unstoppable offensive force in the game if he was available in a trade? And you for a draft pick. And it might only be a second rounder or even a third? And that might interest some teams.  No way! And that the hood may run another hall of famer out of Foxboro a little early as opposed to holding on to him a little too long? And to replace him, hood, might just turn around one of his backup defensive ends and put him in Gronk’s spot. Or better yet, bring troy brown and ask him to do it. 

And if the Pats want nothing to do with Gronk, I’m sure someone else will. Jon Gruden can’t stop blathering on about how important the tight end is in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. And that he wants to go back to 1998. You knock Chuckie would take him. Hell anyone who doesn’t have Travis Kelce already, would take him. 

So why wouldn’t the Rams trade for Gronk? And Odell? And Le’Veon, and Julio, and JJ, and Dez, while they’re at it? Hell, go ahead and dig up Bronco Nagurski while you’re at it. At the rate these rumors are going, if you’ve been to a Pro Bowl in the last five years, you should just go get your own Rams jersey right now because you’re going to be playing for them in a matter of weeks. 

And yes, Gronk as a Ram opens up limitless possibilities and limitless opportunities for Yo Soy Fiesta. I get that. 

Do it, Hood. You’re with us or you’re against us, and if you can’t commit to us then you must be against us. That freaking train is pulling out of the station, you tell Gronk his ass better be on it or you’ll ship him on the first thing burning out of Foxboro. This dude is walking all over you Hood. Bad enough that Malcolm Butler disrespected you, however he disrespected you if you were willing to sit for the biggest game of everyone’s life, when you really did need him. And now Gronk is doing you dirty by not committing to the coming season, and becoming a part of the TB 12 CULT, errrrrr, working with Alex Guerrero. Do it Hood! No one is bigger than the team. Not committing 110 percent is not part of the Patriot Way: ship this dude out and bring in someone who gets it.

C’mon, who are we kidding. The Hood is trading Gronk. It’s one thing to lose Nate Solder, Malcolm Butler, Danny Amendola, and Dion Lewis in free agency. It’s a completely different thing to trade Rob Gronkowski. That’s not happening. I mean, if anyone would be foolish enough to trade Robert Gronkowski it would be William Stephen Belichick, but let’s wait until that deal is actually done before we start freaking out about it. Because it says here that’s not happening. Gronk’s holding the hammer here, not the Hood. Sitting Butler is one thing, trading Gronk is another. That’s not to say Gronk’s not sick of the hood, he probably is. But that doesn’t mean hood’s trading him.  It just means, he’s leaking intel and trying to send the big fella a big ol message.  ALLEGEDLY. Don’t sweat this chowds. He's not going anywhere.